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do you go to playgroups?

I go to our local playgroup and am also signed up to Surestart and go twice a wek to stay & play. The boys love it and it gives TYler a chance to playwithout the boys either taking things off of him or stepping on him :roll: lol. xx


  • Mason and I go to mother and toddler on a thursday and even tho he is the youngest there he loves all the toys and instruments and sits with all the toddlers for snack time (on my knee)
    It tires him right out so I get to have a lovely relaxing bath every thursday evening!!!
  • We go to play and stay at one of my local sure start centres. We go Monday afternoons (well every other now im back at work) and may also start to go every other Tuesday mornings as well. Zacky loves it and has his fav toys there. He also likes the lego and the instruments. He has also been known to sit on my knee and eat at snack time. He loves meeting the other children and theres a few that he holds hands with LOL. He also likes the rhyme time at the end of the session (if he stays awake that long).
  • i havent taken summer to any mother and baby groups but she goes to nursery on mondays and tuesdays my mum has her wednesdays and i try to get to a soft play center either on thursday or friday also she has a lil friend who was born 10 days after her who we have play dates etc with so she mixes with other kids alot!! lol
  • Am going to start a mother & baby group next week & also see if i can enrol for swimming lessons, but think there's a waiting list for that!
    Have taken him to soft play centres & he really enjoys that. He loves being around other children, only prob is most of my friends kids are older & he can't keep up!!
    Sarah xx
  • Ashton goes to loads, Monday is swimming, Tuesday & Wednesday is mother & toddlers which ihe loves and then Thursdays we meet the other mummies & babies for lunch then every other Friday we take it in turns to go to each others houses!!!! There are about 8 of us who all had babies with in weeks of each other and he sees them all a couple of times a week so is really good with other babies and adults. xxxx
  • caitlin n i go to busy fingers- tuesday n musical minis thursday n starting baby group on wednesdays, still trying to find baby sign n singing too n i meet up with a couple of other mums on fridays sometimes but as robbie finishes at 1.50 its different to meet up
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