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fao Bedhead

Hi Kerry just a post to c how You, Millie and Barney are. Not heard much from u lately - hope ur all ok. Take care hun xx


  • Hi hun, I am still here!!! I've been really busy trying to get sorted out with getting my baby carriers on Ebay so I've not been on the computer as much as normal, I've been lurking but not posting!!

    We are all good thanks, Barney is eating us out of house and home, last time he was weighed he had gone up a full centile since I started weaning him! He's also just about sleeping through without his dream feed although he often wakes up for a bit and just lies in his cot talking to himself very loudly. Millie is causing chaos, she's got to that really naughty stage and walks around the house looking for trouble. Had been taking her to playgroup twice a week but she hates it so we've had to stop.

    How are your boys? Is J getting on ok at nursery? I finally got round to putting Millie's name down to start in September, can't belive she is big enough!
  • Oh well done!!! I'll have to have a peep at ur carriers!

    LOL @ Barney bless him! Thats brill he is practically sleeping through! Tyler is waking up 2-3 times at the moment coz Im at my mums and its all a bit unsettling for him I think. Why does Millie not like playgroup? Lol about her looking for trouble - sounds like her and Isaac would have fun together!

    Boys are good thanx - had a few tearful mornings with J at nursery but he settled down well after a week. Just hope being bk in London isnt gonna upset his progress.

    Good luck with ur carriers hun. Big hugs to you all! Take care xx
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