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night time nappy problem

Tyler wears a 4+ during the day and has no problems with them but come morning time his nappy is so full it leaks. I tried a size 5 but they are too big and leak at the sides. I dont really want to change him during the night coz this will add to his waking (still not going through) does anyone else have this problem?


  • I have been havin this exact same problem! What brand of nappies do u use? i've always used boots own, but lately they've changed the design and lily is in between 4+ and 5 as well, and they started leakin so I've started using huggies superdry the past few days and we've not had ne probs. Was very irritating havin leaks every nite we kept running out of sleeping bags and PJs!
  • Thanx for the reply!

    Tyler has Pampers. I tried huggies too but just cant seem to get on with them. They leak and he pulls at them like he is uncomfortable. They are quite long arnt they? Tyler is pretty small. I like Tescos own nappies but for nights they leak too. I might try a 4+ then a 5 loosely over the top. Its frustrating isnt it?

  • I've not noticed they're overly long tbh. my OH put a boots one on her last nite and was a massive leak this morn, not good at 5am! So frustrating!!
  • Same prob here too!!

    Use Huggies Superdry size 5, which have always suited Dylan well, but over the last couple of weeks they don't seem to hold as much, day or night! When we were on holiday we put it down to the fact he was hot & therefore drinking more, but been home nearly a week & they are still the same.

    When his nappies leaked at night before i used to put a nappy liner in - this helped a lot as it gave an extra layer of absorbancy.

    I did think to try 5+, but think they will be too big?!

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