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wow - its going so fast

Tyler was 2 months on 19th Aug. Its going so fast! he is smiling, cooing , holding his head up (could pretty much do that from birth). its all happening so fast! He really brightens my day when i feel down. (as do my other boys!!)

What are all the other June babies doing?

Elaine and boys xx

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  • HI Elaine, Ashton will be 2 months on the 25th August, can't believe how fast its going! Doesn't seem like five minute ago we were all talking about how we just wanted our babies here!
    Ashton is cooing, smiling and babling loads now and can almost hold his head up (can do it for short bursts) and has started to reach out for toys and kicks his mobile over his bouncy chair lots. Its so funny as he gets transfixed with his toys on it and "talks" to them for ages! He has also started to try and roll over now but can only get his legs and bottom over, lol. xxx
  • Hi Girls
    Libby is 10 weeks today
    she is smiling, laughing, chatting, stands up on us with really strong legs and holds her head up. She plays now on her gym for short periods before she gets frustrated with her toys not talking back. She also arches her back to be picked up. Oh and she kicks and splashes in the bath. Every week is so different they change so quickly don't they?

    Em x
  • Hiya,
    Lily was 8 weeks on saturday, feels like yesterday i was in labour! She'll b one before i no it.

    I can't beleive how much she's changed since she was 1st born she's startin to look like a proper little person! She has the cutest smile and lies in her chair and has a conversation with her cuddly toys its so sweet! I can sit there and watch her for ages, and then i wonder y i never get nethin done!

    Hope every1 is wel
  • Its going so fast its really is true when people say the time flies by!!
    Dylan is 8 weeks tomorrow & he holds his head up pretty well, "talks" loads to us, smiles lots, starting reaching out for toys! He's nearly too long for both his moses basket & pram!!
    I just love being a mum & couldn't see it any other way now!!
    Sarah xx
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