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need your honest opinions *update*



  • im so sorry seriously i reckon ill be thick as plank soon, wrote in robbie's school book, she tried hard lol, poor little man

    not long then sarah, im just nervous bout my scan on 22nd oct, keep having horrid dreams image
  • Oh poor Robs! Lol.

    Sarah - thats gone soooo fast! Hope you get your induction hun. I only had mild spd at the end of Tylers pg and that was bad enough. What blood condition have you got?

  • 15 weeks!! Maaan I get a scare every time I see how far gone you are - do you remember when you were a bit down cos you'd decided to put off ttc til next year? pmsl that didn't last long haha!!

    So she could be an early new year baby then if you get your induction at 38 or so weeks?

    I'm fine hon - Reiss is terrorising us as the toddler from hell at the moment but he's really cute. How's Samuel getting on?

    I can't believe our Junies are already or are soon to be big brothers and sisters - you lot are scaring me, it's a really odd concept as Reiss was definately my last bubs and you guys are just expanding your families eek!

    Poor Robbie - he'll never live that one down - do you also say things like 'good girl' to him? I used to do that all the time when I was minding a little girl - was always mixing their genders up!xx
  • 10 weeks today yay, double figures

    i had spd with robbie n he was back 2 back it kills, n the buggers let me go 2 weeks over lol

    last baby for me defo

    caitlin is a terrible nearly two too lol
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