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advice please

argh just typed massive message and bloody thing crashed

Here we go again

Advice needed

shorted version

Im now full time stay at home mummy as Ray worked out better off at home

I should be excited but a part of me is saying omg i worked hard at uni and college and did this whilst working with a young child and now im just mummy

selfish? yes probs

but i need something to give me freedom and stop my ind turning mushy

joined net mums been to musical minis today and it was good so signed up, but i thought about doing something to give me goals- m,aybe studying a short course a couple of hours help later in life? setting up my own baby club- any ideas ? franchise thoughts etc?

help girls i would like your opinions, dont get me wrong i love caitlin so much and im happy that i will see her walk etc and do things with her.

But im feel sad as now im just mummy not tracey- with robbie's dad i had no choice back to work after 6 months, full time and sole provider and now im i have to be supported it feels wrong- please help xxx

Any suggestions please- im probs just being so selfish c:cry:


  • You're not selfish hon, but it's the mind set we're in these days - got to work aswell as being a mum.

    Now there's nothing wrong with that of course if that's what you want, however, I'm happy to stay at home and do the traditional thing of getting a meal on the table each night (well nearly every night, and that's where it ends lol) I like being able to look after my child myself and really missed Jules when he was younger and went to nursery and don't want to do that again.

    However, if you do want to do something, then courses would be great to keep your mind alive. I'm not sure what franchises are open to you in your area, but if you get a Families magazine, that's got loads of ideas.

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