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Hi hun, just a quick post to see how you and your gorgeous family are? How are the boys? What have you been up to? Hope you are all ok babe. xxxxxxx


  • Hi hun I am here just been really busy latelt trying get everything sorted for Xmas. Plus both boys have been full of cold and not I have it too! Fingers croassed we are all better by Xmas! Hows things with you guys? Hows the wee bump coming along? Bet your house is hyper with all the boys excited for Santa coming next week! xxx
  • Hi hun

    we had a lovely Xmas and a good day today - Isaac is 3! So grown up now

    How was your Xmas? xx
  • Was good apart from me & Ashton had the sickness bug! I only had it for 24 hours but it lasted almost a week with Ashton! Was sick of changing his bed, ran out of bedding so had to put him back in the cot one night! Boys got so much stuff I am still trying to find places for it all!

    Hows the weather down with you? We are snowed in! And most of the main roads around us are all closed!!!! So not going anywhere at the moment!

    Happy Birthday to Isaac, glad to hear that you all had a good day today! xxxx
  • Oh no! Poor you and poor Ashton!! Hope you are all feeling better now.

    I know what you mean about too much stuff! You wait till Leightons older!!! lol

    You NEED to post some updated pics of your boys Tammi!

    Yes we've got it bad too - not quite snowed in but thought it was going that way, had to cancel MW app. Im 18 wks now and havnt seen her since I was 8 wks! Its so hard to find the time to get down there! I can find bubs HB at home though so I know he/she is ok.

    Its nice to catch up hun. ((((big hugs)))) to you and the boys

    Elaine & Boys xx
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