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Advice needed ladies (sort of baby related)

Hi ladies,

Well you guys are the best at giving all sorts of advice so here goes.

Last night me and my partner were watching wife swap and it led to an indepth conversation between us. he asked what hed like to me to change about him, i said amongst other things i'd like him to actually listen to me,and he said if it weren't about baby related things he would take more interest he said i needed to take more of an interest so i told him i really wanted to do some aromatherapy/massage type courses as it was something i wanted to do as a career and have for years.

He basically said in a few more words it was that career or me!! he'd never be with a masseuse. I said i couldn't give up my ambition for him am i being unreasonable?

Theres alot of probs in our relationship anyway but looks like this is the icing on the cake!!!
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