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Think all you preggies are making me paranoid!

So im constantly exhausted, feeling sick in a morning, have lower back pain and had a realy wierd period last month. BUT i didnt feel sick with cam and 1st preg symptom was sore boobs, which i haven't got. so im not too worried.
you guys are making me see pregnancy symptoms everywhere!!
stop getting knocked up so i can stop freaking out!! haha!


  • lol, and to think I have no syptoms apart from a slight sicky feeling now & again! xxxxx
  • lol I'm glad it's not just me, Listef - even I did a pg test cos I didn't have an af last month - and I've had my tubes tied!

    Luckily it was neg PHEW! Still don't know what happened to my AF though - we non pg Junies are obviously having symptoms with the preggie Junies!xx
  • Cool Karen in that case you can have my heartburn, SPD and stretch marks this time!!!! xxxx
  • No no, you misunderstood hon, we're only going to get the good symptoms silly!

    So that would be big boobs and no periods then!xx
  • listef are u gonna test?? xx
  • Dont think so, af not even due for a week or so. My last one was really weird tho so i may see how worried i get.

    Anyway i believe you have to have sex to get pregnant?! so its not very likely! lol!


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