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tyler pulled himself up!


I know hes not the first but im so proud! whats all the other junnie babies doing??



  • Way to go Tyler!!!!!!! Ashton started doing this on Saturday too, he cam also sit up by himself, crawl from sitting and back to sitting again, has started to cruise the furniture and is generally into everything that he is not suppose to touch!!!!! Why can't he just like his toys???? xxxx
  • nowhere is safe in my house, caitlin has attempted to walk but falls flat, yesterday blood with hitting her mouth. Bloody child honestly never stays still, follows me n climb up me if i walk away, uses everything n anything to climb up lol, shouts alot n is always on her feet dancing or singing, well shouting lol, refuses her walker now use a walker she pushes lol, independant little madam lol, trying to do anything is becoming a task xx
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