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Hi girlies, I'm sorry I'm so rubbish. Update well Caitlin is officially a terrible two n a madam! Potty training is going ok, had to buy a new potty, ??15 for a frog potty, damn fussy child! She is doing well, loves toddler group, outgrown some of her other groups, starting dancing in September. Thinking of putting her into nursery one day a week, as she loves painting, sticking etc, she can count to 20, knows colours, shapes and the things she comes out with are well shocking lol, she's cheeky, funny and of course a cutie.

Erin is now 11 weeks, had her jabs n was so good, she is demand feeding, still bfing n its going well. Growth spurts are tough though lol. Need to get her weighed, she is just a cute as her sister n full of smiles.

Robbie had his report, it was great, he is above average in science n communication lol. He has 3 pieces of Art in the Arts festival and been in the choir singing Abba at a local centre. He won the best musical instrument when they had to make one.

well thats me, oh n i'm on a strict diet 2 stone to lose!!!

hugs to u all xx


  • Hiya!!
    Get to catch up with pics of your gorgeous LO's on facebook, but wow aren't they all doing so well. Caitlin is such a bright little button - can I borrow her to get it to rub off on Dylan please?!?!?! Know what you mean about them outgrowing certain groups; I've got to change a couple of Dylans. I've put his name down for a few pre-schools, but they won't take him til the September after his 3rd birthday!

    I gotta lose at least 2 stone too (preferably 2 1/2)!! Ordered 'One Week' the other day - not the most pleasant thing to drink, but it worked for me ages ago. Are you following any particular diet plan or just watching what you eat? I've been going on my air-walker for 30mins everyday & really need to start doing sit ups!

    Sarah xx
  • lol bless her! How is she doing with the potty traing now? Well done for still BF and go Robs!! My lil man is so smart!
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