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what games do you play?

Any ideas for some stimulating games to play with Tyler?

We do mirrors, books, nursery Rhymes and we play with his toys.

I need some ideas for games that will aid his development - i cant think of anymore that the above from the other 2. :roll: Im loosing my memory I think lol. xx

What games do you play with your Junnie?

Thanx ladies xx


  • We play with mirrors, books , nursery rhymes and his toys as well. We also play peek-a-boo alot as Zacky thinks he can hide behind anything (even clear plastic cups LOL). He iniciates this game and not sure where he learnt it from as i know it wasnt from me. It makes him laugh loads. We have had to start throwing and rolling balls now as well as he finds this funny. Zacky likes nothing better than sitting on the back of my moms sofa and looking out of the front window (he is held in place so he cant fall, and i think my mom has made him nosey LOL).

    Zackys more fussed about trying to walk at the moment than playing anyway.
  • we just use his toys to learn new things like 'put it in' (cam will put something little into a bigger container now) and take it out, he recongnises these phrases now. also 'give it to mummy' and he passes me his toys lol! but then complains if i have them for longer than 5 seconds without giving them back.
    other than that we just sing, with actions and i try to get him to crawl by sitting across the room!
    lol trueman, cam loves to hide too! he also loves it if i hide behind the couch and pop up from different places everytime!! babies eh, arent they fun!! lol!
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