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Does ne1 know where I can get ........

......a baby size crash helmet or hard hat?????

Zacky has had a few tumbles this week and every time he falls he has to hit his head. Dont want him to do any harm to himself so I think its either tape a few cushions to his head or get him a crash helmet. LOL.

Dont panic Im only laughing about it as I know that he is OK.

Started yesterday,

*He got up and hit his head on the laptop while sitting next to mommy. I had just woke him up early though as we had to get to baby bop group by my moms.

* Get to my moms and grandad is holding him and guess what...... he headbuts grandad, leaving a red mark on Zackys head, and grandad a bit dizzy LOL.

* At baby bop he was so tired and sitting so nice on the mat with the other children until mommy looked away.... and guess what again. He had fallen forward and yet again hit his head. I was so embarressed as the group was still in session and the leaders were there as well. ANyway we fished him up from lying on his belly but he was that tired (just tired from not having a nap not from the bang to his head) he just wouldnt stop crying for 10 mins. Bless him.

Well there were no more head bangs yesterday, but today...

* He wanted to be supported to stand as usual (loves being on his feet). We were at my nans and he was standing at the coffee table trying to grab the out of reach cups. Then we lost our balance and mommy only just managed to grab him in time. He still hit his head on the rounded edge though, but not as hard as if I hadnt have grabbed him. He had a lump and a red mark from this one. Luckily the lump went quickly and he has been his normal chirpy self all day..

Need to do something as he thinks he is capable of doing things that he cant, and the bangs are just gonna get worse. Dont want to be seen as a bad mom.



  • hun dont panic both my boys are clutzs i got charlie a top made that says yes im clumsy but i only fall down so often so mummy will kiss me better. most mums will have had the same experience so dont feel like ur being judged xxxx
  • haha, it's only the beginning Beck - believe me! It's par for the course with little ones - I think boys are worse cos they seem to be in such a rush all the time.

    Love the tshirt Lolly - I want one for Reiss - where do you get them from?xx
  • Lol Beck Ashton is the same!!! He has one of those inflatable rings that he can sit in and play with his toys, well the other night he learnt how to get up on his knees in it and Pete said another few weeks and I bet he can get out of that!!! Well I turned round two minutes later and he was bloody out of it!!!! He just launches himself over the side, landing on his head then just wriggles till he is on the floor!!!!! xxxx
  • Lolly - I like the sound of that Tshirt too LOL.

    Think it was smore the fact that when he went a cropper at baby bop session it was just embarassing for me. Gotta admit by that point I was used to Zack landing on his head -also I was trying not to laugh as the session leaders were running round like headless chickens thinking their first aid skills would be needed LOL. I just sit him up n give him a cuddle. One of em came running up with wet paper towels for some reason.

    Tamarabell - Zacky has one of the blossom farm cosy monster play rings. Luckily he is more interested in trying to kick the two inflatable parts of the rings appart than trying to get out of it.

    When will he start banging his head when he is with his dad? LOL

    I dont worry about people judging me - cant stop em and its just their opinion anyway. I know I am a good mom and nothing will change that - makes a change for me to think something positive about myself so why should I make someones opinions change my mind.

  • online from i think will have to check my email adress book lol xx
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