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anyone thinkng about Xmas yet?

what are you getting your Junie for Xmas? Im really struggling for things for Tyler. He has so much already and him and the boys share their stuff now hes bigger aswel. I want to get him something that is specifically for him. xx


  • Hi honey! hows you? We did think about getting Ashton a bike for xmas as its would be something that only he could play on but my sister went and gave him Pj's old bike which is a Thomas the tank one and he loves it, as it plays music! Now we are back to square one again!!!! But have seen this which might be good for them,|category_root|Toys+and+games|14417629/Trail/searchtext%3EDIDGITAL+CAMARA.htm

    Big hugs xxxx
  • xmas already? Oh Elaine please don't start that.
    I have no idea, we have a few things put away for her, little bits like extr furniture that go in her dolls house, smaller bits that weren't suitable last year, thinking of wrapping up my old girl's world for her as she loves doing my makeup! honestly you should see the state of me when she's finished! I won't let her put it on her just on me, so this might save my make-up and make it last longer.

    don't know, probably things for her new room to make it exciting as she'll be moving into it around this time before new bubs comes along.

    Will see how she progresses over the next few months. x
  • hi all, omg, i dont find the time to come on here anymore now image

    xmas-robbie psp
    caitlin dolls house n toystory stuff
    erin- actvity centre

    elaine i promise hun i will get in touch very soon xxxxxxx miss u all
  • haha! Caiden is gonna love that! soooo cool!

    Hi Tammi we are all fine thanks, i see u on msn sometimes, we'll have to have a good chat soon.

    Tracey - no stress hun, i know what its like havng 3 remember!

    I still not got a clue what to get him. We have so many Bdays around xmas too which dosnt help moneywise. xx
  • I have NO idea, lol!
    Thinking of getting Moos a new bike and Charlie a DSI. No idea what to get Livvy though. It's so hard when the girls already have so much stuff!!! I will let you know if and when I come up with something hun. I've already started buying little bits as Xmas is going to be very hectic this year!!!! x x x
  • charlie- nooo idea!
    maisey- silvanians house, barbies etc
    Luca- happy land bits, thomas and chuggington playsets, lil scooter as he loves scooting lol!
  • Hiya - havent been on for ages, its fab to see a lot of you are still here. We have been naughty this year and got tommy this but his stocking is going to be virtually non-existance!

  • haha that looks so cool Lee! Hes gonna love it. Hope you are both well xx
  • I've already bought Lily's main pressie, a pink smart trike, altho am gonna give it to her early as I'm too excited to wait! So for xmas will do her a stocking and get her a smaller 'main' pressie for under the tree, not sure what yet tho x
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