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need your help with Tyler ladies

Tyler wont stop crying!! Iv tried -

gripe water
teething gel
calprofen (almot an hour ago)
walk in the buggy to take J to nursery
hes ok with light and has no rashes that i can see. hes been like it since he woke up. I dont know what else to try.
hes not a happy bunny today! Any ideas? Please!!!!


  • Charlie i just tried a bath and he screamed so loud it went right through me. I dont think he'd keep still long enough for me to try massage. Hes drinking water at the moment and looks like he'll fall asleep. OMG Iv never had to deal with this b4 I am totally miffed at what it could be! xx
  • thanx hun - hes asleep now - poor lil man xx
  • Bless him babes! Not sure what else to try? Ashton has been like this a few times too - but only for a short period and teething gel normally does the trick and a cuddle from mummy. Hope you are ok? Big hugs to you both! xxxx
  • Hi hun, Hope Tyler is feeling a lil' better, apparantly there is a nasty stomach bug going round in our area and Mason has been wingy and sick all day.
    I know that gives you no help at all but thinking of you and your poor lil' man and hopes he starts to feel better real soon.x x x x
  • hope tyler is better now poor little man, big hugs to you both.

    em x
  • HI hunny is Tyler any better today? How are you? xxxx
  • hi ladies - hes alot better thanx he woke up with a bit of a snotty nose so he must of had a cold coming. Thankyou for your help ladies xx xx
  • Glad to hear he's better Elaine - it's bad enough when the older ones are ill, but at least they can tell you where it hurts!

    Hugs to you and Tylerxx
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