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  • where are you, im so worried now xxx i wont call as i know u dont have ur phone, but please get in touch xx we can talk i will not tell u what to do but support n make sure u understand the consquences as im worried this will make u resent OH n i worry bout depression, u have noone around you to talk to, god i wish i lived nearer hun ill try to get to urs if you want xx dont make decisions based on another person, u are the most amazing person, kind, sweet, n the best mummy, i know u worry but its part of being a mum. If this decision is yours of course its the right one, but if not n ur forced it will destroy the relationship as u will blame him.

    Please think n once a week has passed see how the water lies, let me tell u a couple of things first n then see how u feel hun

    love u all xxxx


    im here when u need me xxx
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