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Will this horrible week never end?!?!

this might be long sorry ladies, am so fed up its just one thing after another at the mo...

So, after Braedons asthma attack last tuesday and getting different advise from doctor, he seemed better towards the end of last week...aprt from not eating his meals or drinking much milk, just keep offering lots of milk, water etc (none of which he drinks grrr).

Then 3am saturday morning, madi woke up with tummyache then threw up...followed quickly by Braedon and then me in the morning. had terrible night, sat in house all day saturday miserable and ill, holding madi's hair while she got sick...Braedon however seemed fine (aprt frm not eating/having milk). on sunday madi fine, me still feeling bit green and Braedon then sick again.

Braedon was totally miserable and whingy yesterday, he's cut a tooth! hoorah! (still not eating/drinking milk). then had news from my boss (due to go back to work next week) that she cant afford to take me back on so no job at the mo! arrrrggg panic! finished maternity and now have no job...

Got Braedon weighed today and he's lost 13oz in a week and is getting dehdrated so gotta go to doc again.

surely at some point soon something good will happen?!?!?! image


  • Have replied to you on baby hun, hugs. xxx
  • HI hun, you have definatley had a hard week! Hope you are feeling better now, I am sure Braedon will start eating / drinking again now that his tooth has come through. Ashton did this aswell when he was teething - wish someone had told me that babies do that when teething as I was worried too! Have you tried giving him some juice? I find Ashton drinks this much better than water.
    So sorry to hear about your job too babes, I know it will be hard but I am sure something will come up soon! xxxxx
  • Oh hun - what a rough time uv had! How are things today? Hope ur all on the mend. xx xx
  • Big hugs to you all hon. It's awful when everybody comes down with it when you're feeling ill aswell. Hope you're feeling loads better.xx
  • Huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge hugs to you hun, we have all had that nasty bug too and the weekend was a complete wipeout so you have my full sympathies.........

    I hope braedon starts to recover and gain weight soon............

    So sorry to hear about your job, not great news the way things are at the moment, have you contacted tax credits etc to see if you are entitled to anything??
    Get well vibes to you all.x x x x
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