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sorry girls

i have been rubbish coming on here x im so depressed at the minute, my dad is hospital isolation again and too ill to see, my pregnancy is ok but tbh i just dont feel happy.

c is happy n well n enjoyed xmas, r loved xmas lots of toys, me hated it in london n tbh i wanted to just go home, i dont want company anymore.

partners sister hates me n theres a problem of fb where i commented on a post which was very general saying sick world n thought it was to do with something i posted, it wasnt so my comment was heartless n bitchy but im not like that.

im so sick of being the outcast, so now im alone on new years day while OH goes to london to try n sort this out

my bp is through the roof, i have large veins on my legs, it kills to put pressure on them, honestly im so unhappy, really great start to the new year.

im sorry to bring down the festive spirit but im so miserable, cant stop crying, dont wanna talk to anyone so im switching off my phone, i cant take anymore arguement n stress. theres my update, hopefully things will get better x take care xx

karen thinking of u, hope ur ok xxxx


  • sorry I didnt call you back last night - Isaac had a HUGE paddy and by the time I sorted him out Tyler was sleepy and the other 2 needed a bath. If you see this call me or email/txt me your house number as I only have enough credit to txt from my mob. xxxxx
  • Sorry to hear your feeling so down hunnie image Really sounds like you need a break and some time to yourself. Can your oh not take a few days off just to look after you or can anyone have the kids for an afternoon just so you can relax and have some 'me' time? I hope you are feeling more possitive about things asap. New year hun, new start. Things are going to get better for you, I promise x x x x x
  • hey hun,
    please try to get some me time it really sounds like u need it. Just see if ray will take the kids out for an afternoon or something.

    hope things get better hun xxx
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