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....Fat Fighters!

Anyone up for it????

I've been doing WW for ages now and nearly at my 2 stone mark but have been VERY slack since christmas and not getting anywhere.... I think its time to give in and try and do more exercise!

I'm gonna start tonight and go swimming once gary is home... think i'm gonna try and go once a week, I know its not loads but i figure i'll build up the exercise slowley as havn't done anything other tahn walking with Zac in ages!! Might start doing my davina dvd weekly too!

Starting Weight 12st 5lb
Weight now 10st 9lb
Tagret - between 9 and 9 1/2 st....

Amy x

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  • hi i will join in
    starting weight 15st 1
    now weigh 14st
    target 11st ish
    sally x
  • Definately!

    Joined in with the baby one but need all the support can get!

    Got a few "mini-goals" in mind!

    Starting weight today of 14st 8lb

    Want to lose 1 and a half stone by end March (best mates wedding), then another 1 and a half stone by end June (just in case Take That spot me in the crowd lol), then the remaining stone by my dads 70th birthday party at the end of September.

    This will then have me happily at my goal weight by my big 4-0 in mid-October!!

    Started well today with half hour on the Wii Fit followed by tuna pitta and fruit for lunch but think by tonight my body could well go into shock through lack of chocolate!!!
  • Oh frig massive post just disappeared agggh.

    Ok, me too!

    So far I have lost half a dress size and I'm in a size 15! Size 16 too tight this morning - yay but size 14 is a squeeze (but I'm in it!)

    I weighed 12st 9lbs but haven't weighed myself as the scales broke and we are skint!

    Ready brek, fruit mid morning, healthy lunch, oaty snack mid afternoon, healthy dinner, lots of water.
    Take away and bar of chocolate if wanted on Saturday night.

    Exercise: Walking every day, Workout DVD once a week from tomorrow, Ceroc dancing (jive) every Thursday, Weights from next week

    Any tips would be welcome!

    My target is to lose 2stones.

    AMY - would you mind renaming the post to something obvious and giving it a colour so we can find it easily? Ta love!

    hehe I'm with lee, lack of chocolate is seriously doing my head in, but I'm allowing myself some on a Saturday so I don't lose the will to live!

    Well done to you all on your loss to date.

    Shall we have a weigh in each Thursday where we can post our (hopefully) losses?

    Good luck ladies - slimmer trimmer 2009 here we come!xx
  • I weigh in every thurs with ww anyway so am happy to stick with that for this is eveyone else is...??
    A xx
  • Bump - ladies - dont be going quiet now - you all signed the contract! lolxx
  • Am really proud of myself - I went swimming last night and did 26 lengths... I thought i'd build up steadily!

    It was more tiring than I thought but I used to go to the gym/fitness classes about 3-4 times a wekek up until early pregnancy so just shows how unfit i am now! lol

    I feel so much better for it though... i'm really determined at the mo and will not be cheating with my WW points eiether - I have Zac's christening on 22nd Feb so want to have hit my 2 stone mark by then (4lbs away) - and beyond if I can - maybe even get into the 9's (10lbs away)!!! Hope its do-able!


  • Blimey Amy, you've done brilliantly. Only 4lbs - brill!

    I'm really determined aswell, I've just felt so crap being so overweight and I hate being bigger, it's just not me.

    Have you felt physically better since you've lost the excess? How tall are you? Trying to gauge your ideal weight.xx
  • I'm only 5ft 3 so my ideal range is between 8st 1 and 10st 1 - so I'm still techincally overweight.

    The lightest I've ever been is.... 5lb 5oz at birth lol - seriously the lightest i've been in recent years is 9st 7 and I remember feeling great at that weight, so as much as I would love to reach the dead centre of my range (9st) I'd be happy just in the low 9's....

    I do feel much better having shifted it - its come off so slowley though! But I know thats a good thing! I am back in most of my pre preg clothes now and thats really boosted me (I was buying size 16 stuff after i had Zac but am back in my 12's now).... I was heavier than i would have liked before I had Zac so although I'm not far from pre preg weight now I want to keep going!

    I want to feel fit now too - and get my flat tummy back - its got a bit of a wobble these days!

  • I want to join - but i weigh soooo much more than any of you!!! But although i do look big i don't look as big as my weight suggests!!! I want to lose about 8 stone altogether - and no that won't make me stick thin!! I've been big forever, so will start small and will let you know my loses each week!! I start today and i aim to lose a stone in 2 months!
  • Well done April - I have a friend who needs to lose around 13 stones, so you're a lightweight really!

    When was your baby born hon?

    Ok, roll on Thursday ladies and we'll be back for our first weigh in.

    Good luck, celery at the ready!xx
  • welcome aboard april! are you following a particular diet?

    i always think best way with losing weight is to set mini goals so I think your stone in 2 months is def achievable!

    We can do this ladies!

  • i am def up for this, am starting Weight Watchers on Tues so will be checking in every week...

    um, will have to come back after tues to tell u what i weigh cos like karen my scales are bust too and have no money to replace but I am 5' tall and currently size 14 (expanding by the day!) and used to be size 10 before getting pg with Braedon. am guessing i am probably about 10 and a half to 11 stone at mo and want to be between 8 and a half and 9 stone xxxx
  • Claudia - shall we go halves for some scales lol?xx
  • hi all i was really lucky n didnt put on much with luca but was far to big before i had him so today weigh 12st 3lbs am trying out mini goal of 10lbs in 2months 2 stone overall in however long it takes. if i dont post on thursday someone please get on my facebook n leave me an arse kick!!!!! im 5.3 so am in need of a big loss !!
  • :lol: can I join? although I to have no scales (Karen WE could go 1/3's and meet in Brent x once a week and bring them along!! :lol; -oh the looks we'd get!) But I am heavy!
    I bascily eat to much & don't move enough that's my syndrome!
    I do - pushy mothers once a week & will be doing a class once a week too as soon as my OH sorts out my member ship! My d'iet' has basicly changed to trying to be good 80% of the time.. cause lets face it we all have slip ups.. but if I mostly say no (not like now!!) surely I've got to shift some of it? oh girls help and enccourange me - i know in side me there is a skinny woman screaming to get out! lol (i'm size 16!) x
  • yes of course you can join - everyone is welcome.... and remeber it doesn't don't matter how much you have to lose the important thing is just to make a start... I'm proof that it comes off. My (almost) 2 stone so far has come off VERY slowley but it has come off and I never thought it would... Just think positively and even if you lose a measely pound week on week it all adds up - believe me!

  • I've lost 2lb this week so really chuffed - just 2lb to go till my 2stone mark and 8 from getting into the 9's....

    How is everyone else doing?

  • Ok, I'll kick off

    Starting weight: 12st 9lbs
    Weight today (2weeks 2 days): 12st
    Target for next week: 3lbs loss

    Yay - lost 9lbs in two weeks.

    I've been so good I've surprised myself. Need to work on upping my exercise though. And I've just munched a crunchie as I had a real chocolate craving, although that'll be it until dinner time now.

    Come on ladies - don't be shy, let us hear your losses or gains.....xx
  • 12st 3 still! no loss no gain n i been kicking wii fit ass 1hr of very very knackeering step and walking too n fro school up n down about forty steps over rail bridge. but have given up crisps hope for loss next week
  • Well I have had a couple of slip ups this week - really craved fish and chips on sat so bugged dh till he caved and went to get some... then I was out last night with a couple of girlfriends for a indian.... bearing that in mind I haven't put on or lost so guess I shoudlnt' complain! And af is due anyday so feeling bit bloated etc too!

    Weighed sneakily yesterday and was a pound down but ignoring that as i shouldn't have cheated!

    Supposed to be going swimming tonight but really can't be bothered! Feel a bit moody and fed up - boy can I tell i'm due on! lol

    How is everyone else doing????

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