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Hi girls...scan tmrw.........UPDATE!!!!

Hi girls, have been offline for a few days so sorry if I have missed some important news. Hope you are all well and your gorgeous babies are thriving.

I have been so so so ill. I caught a nasty bug friday and have only just stopped being sick and the other end too...and unfortunatley yes both at the same time!!!!
I have only felt human since around midday!!!
I have a dating scan tmrw and am very worried that this bug has harmed baby. I put my jeans on earlier and no lie they fell straight down so am a bit anxious I'm gonna get bad news. I think I would be slightly anxious anyway but being ill has made it worse!!!

Thankyou so much for your kind text Tammi, soz if I didn't make much sense but was still a bit out of it this morn!!!

Anyway blabbering over (thank god you all say!!)

Katie.x x x

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  • Hi Katie, try not to worry too much hun - I know thats easier said than done!!!! When I was first pregnant with Ashton I lost about 8lbs through being ill and when I asked the midwife about it she said that it was nothing to worry about as the baby takes what it needs from you, ie: I lost weight not the baby!
    Not wanting to be rude hun and please do not take this the wrong way but if you are anything like me then you may have enough to sustain this new baby without really eating, if you know what I mean, lol.
    Good luck for the morning and let me know how you get on as I am sooooo excited for you!
  • LOL Tammi, yes I have more than enuff for a couple of babies in there!!!!

    I know hopefully everything will be fine and last time I was slightly nervous but I think I just feel a little guilty as I wasn't exactly over the moon about bambino part deux.
    After typing this i now think that with my hormones, sleep deprivation, 3 days of being ill and OH at home with Man flu no wonder I'm not thinking logically!!! lol...x x x
  • haha - it's normally me that comes out with stuff like that Tammi!!! I think we all know what you mean though lol.

    Katie, don't worry - don't you remember when we were all early days pg last time and the norovirus had come to town? It was all over TV shows and all over BE about pg ladies not to worry as their little beans would be fine, even after copious amounts of D&V, so your little bean will be feeding off your er.....surplus!!!!

    Hope you feel better honey.xx
  • Good luck for your scan 2muro hun x x x
  • good luck hun, il be checking your face book for piccies!
  • Hope you feel better soon hun, and as the other ladies say am sure your bean will be fine in there stealing the only goodness you've had whilst you've been unwell, lol. xxx
  • oooo sorry u havent been well hun xx
    im soooo excited for u for tommorrow!!! let us know how it goes either by txt or facebook or here hun xx
  • sorry to hear you been poorly - I'm sure all will be well... you may even have two beans in there!!!

    good luck and post pic soon as you can xxx
  • Awwww thankyou all for your kind words girls, you are the sweetest....
    Scan not til the afternoon then gotta few things to do so prob won't be online til the evening but will let you all know as soon as poss.
    And Amy....we do NOT want two in there...what you trying to do, make me ill again, lol..x x x
  • good luck for ur scan hun xx
  • hope it went well hun xxxx
  • hope it went well xxx n hope ur feeling better hugs x
  • Well girls had my scan and got a huge shock..............

    I'm 12 weeks already!!!!
    Bambino part deux due 14th August.............
    Was having periods until last month so a real big shock, had only just sunk in I was pregnant!!!!
    Baby healthy and only 1 in there so alls good.
    Soz its short but been a busy afternoon!!!! xxxxx
  • Wahay - well that's good news in a way isnt' it cos it makes the pg shorter!

    Fantastic news, well done honey, now relax and enjoy the rest of your pg.xx
  • yay!! congrats!! so glad all is well, mason will be 14 months will he? oh they'll be so close
  • wow congrats hun!!!!!
  • wow - what a surprise! Glad everything went well. big hugs hun xx xx
  • Oooh, congrats! Did wonder how it went. xxx
  • congrats hun, im the 7th August so be close!! had my scan yesterday and all well saw all the little hands etc
    still not sunk in with me, think its cause no symptoms lol
  • Wow hun! Thats nice to be further along than you thought, the first 12 weeks is always a bit of a worrying time so at least you can relax now image
    Glad it all went well x x x
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