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im 6 months pregnant

24 weeks, viable baby, it feels great n its speeding on past, wow!!! sorry but im happy lol, n its my birthday tomorrow 29, yes 29, feeling old but ill still get asked for id lol


  • yey!! great milestone to hit T!! Congratulations!

    Happy Bday for tomorrow, you got anything planned? xx
  • Way hay!!! Congrats on passing the 24 weeks milestone. I can remember how good that feels!! image
    Hope you have a fantastic birthday and 29 is'nt old, lol!!! Now if you were turning 30 then I could understand!! image x x x
  • Brilliant for you to have reached such a milestone - hope you had a great b'day too....

    I'm 29 later this year and I still get ID'd too!!! lol

    Amy xx
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