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terrible twos anyone?

Tyler has started to get a right temper on him. I know alot of it is because he has to 2 big bros to compete with but he has started getting so spiteful. Yesterday he bit me, which he would not have seen anyone in the house do as my other boys wouldnt dare bite! He also has taken to kicking which again is not something he could have seen. Also the headbutting has started again (dont know if you remember but he did it alot around 1yr old) Thing is he thinks its funny and after hes done it he laughs and runs away. 80% of the time he is perfectly well behaved but then just seems to have these outbursts. Its horrible esp as my others were never like it is new to me. After he bit me he got a smack which is something that i very rarely do. Do/have any of you used a 'naughty step/corner at this age. Is it worth it or is he too young? I dont want these outbursts to turn into somethinhg worse. :\(


  • i cant realy help hun as samuel is sooooooooo naughty 95% off the time and it daesnt matter what i do he just goes 2 hit,bit and kick me i only have 1 gd day with him a wk at the mo he never use 2 be like . iv try the naught step he off comes off and laughs at me then runs off saying ha ha ha iv put him in hes bedroom and he trys 2 get over the gate and makes a mess i could go on and on but then layla is sooo gd but she is only 7 1/2 months old so i got it all 2 come with her omg im going 2 have no hair left x x x
  • Aw hun, I can completely sympathise. My little troublemaker is Charlie (3) She has recently started to hit and bite her older sister! Much to my horror as this is something Molly has never done. Really hoping Livs doesn't pick this up! I know what you mean though because I have had to smack her a few times. It sounds awful but if I tell her off she just laughs/grins at me and I want her to know she's being really naughty! I've never really had to smack either of my other too for being naughty at all. She was really bad with the naughty step at first and would just keep running off to her room. I'm not sure how it would work with Tyler but when I've put Livs on in the past she does tend to stay there, but then she usually does as she told. Charlie on the other hand has always tried to push the boundaries! I would definately try the step as he's not too young to understand. It might just take a few times b4 he realises what's expected from him when you put him on there. Try not to worry about his behaviour though hun. Like Tyler Charlie is good 80-90 percent of the time but occasionally she does just have these funny outbursts and it's usually poor Molly in the firing line! Let us know how you get on x x x x
  • Elaine, it sounds just like Jonathan... he has bitten my mum once (as she looks after him 4 days a week) but he headbutts and slaps etc. We have a naughty corner now and it helps but he is just so hyper all the time and gets over excited! xx
  • thanks ladies, he seems to be taming down a bit more now the boys are back at school. the naughty corner is a bit of a battle but seems to be working, as does counting him down from 5. Thanks again xxx
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