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bad sleepers in toddler beds?

Hi ladies.

I was just wondering if any of you have moved your LOs into toddler beds that arnt the best sleepers.

Tyler is still in our room but we need to move him so the baby can be in with us. I was thinking of putting him in a bed rather than move his cot. Do u think a new room and new bed is a good or bad idea? Is it too much at once? Alo he is not the best sleeper, sometimes he'll go 8-5 other times he is up 1-3 times so I will be up and down the stairs (we are in a attic room) .

Anyone got any advice please? xx


  • Hmmmmmmmm, it's a difficult one. I would move the cot and if you worried about leaving him them sleep in his room on the floor or air bed until he is settled. Then move him into a bed over the next week or few weeks. At least if he's in bed he can come and find you if he's upset? It's hard though because on the other hand I would worry about him going up the stairs in the dark and falling. It's not good for you to be going up and down the stairs either though hun. Oooo it's tough!!! How many rooms have you got? I think I would get my Oh to sleep with him actually, my oh usually moves out of our bedroom anyway when I have a newborn in the room!! lol!! I don't think you going up and downstairs is really a good idea hun. Let me know what you decide to do. If you do keep him in the cot for a little bit longer I would'nt worry, Livs is still in hers, she hates her bed!! lol! x x x
  • Thanx hun. I think I will move him in with his cot. A new room will be hard enough let alone a new bed too. We have a 3 bed house. J & Isaac have their own rooms and we are up in the little attic room. Isaac will go in with J as he has the bigger room and Tyler will go in Isaacs room. I dont really wanna sleep in the room if i can help it. I did that with Isaac and it caused soooo many problems, but on the other hand Tyler isnt as clingy as Isaac so that might be a good idea. Decisions decisions eh? I'm not planing to do it for a week or 2 but I will keep you updated!!

    Thankyou for your reply Sarah. xxxxxxxx
  • oooo the big move, advice- caitlin was 9 months bad sleeper when she went in with robbie and now apart from couple of hiccups she sleeps 8pm-7am, do it defo.
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