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my scan

All is well with baby, really pleased. The sonographer was a complete cow though. We basically sat there in silence and if i didnt know what was what from the boys then I wouldve been in a right state. She didnt explain anything then at the end asked if we wanted to know the gender and the other lady who was taking down the details said "you've fogotten the kidneys and liver" so the silly cow missed out some of babies organs. Then she took literally 15 secs to look at babies gender and said "no sorry i cant tell, its legs are shut tight" We payed ??3 per photo and each photo is rubbish. You can make out babies head and belly but cant see arms/legs or any features. So, all in all, apart from knowing baby is healthy it was a pretty rubbish time. I was so upset we have booked a private scan for Sat @10.30am. (thanx to bedhaed!)


had the private scan - its a pink bump!!!

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