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hi all

well robbie is off on half term for two weeks now. Caitlin is sick cold n general bug. I work in the evening but volunteered as we need money to work 12.30-8.30 mon-wed next week, have scan thursday so day off and friday just 5-8.30 following week its 12.30-8.30 mon-friday.

Planning to do things with kids in the morning stay n play n park etc, n this friday i have my friends boy whos 5 so off to soft play.

I must admit i tired already lol, joys of pregnancy hey lol.

starting a gcse science in november as i need better grade to be a teacher

Looking forward to seeing the scan, keep listening to doppler i cant believe it im excited bout having another baby, however the thought of labour again isnt great lol

love to all junie lo's xxx



  • Aaww poor Caitlin. Is Robs ok? He said yesterday he didnt feel well? Sounds like you have a busy week planned (nothing new there then) My msn is playing up but will spk soon hun. Kisses to you & the kids xxx
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