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sleeping nightmare

anyone ese have sleeping problems with their Junie?

Tyler wont settle on his own and if he wakes in the night 9/10 times he gets in bed with me. He is in his cotbed with the sides up so he cant get out but he screams and screams and sceams and disturbes the others and sometimes cries so hard he is sick. Its heartbreaking.

I dont really know what to do with him as CC is out of the question. We try PUPD but that can be just as bad and even when he is settled he wakes up in the middle of the night.

any suggestions? xx


  • OMG what a nightmare for you hun. How do you do it with the other 3 as well? You must be getting hardly any sleep image I don't really know what to suggest as Livs has been good as gold since she was about 6 months. I guess if it was really getting to breaking point I would be tempted to put him in my bed just to get some sleep. I know this isn't a long term solution by any means though. I really hope he grows out of it soon, you must be completely exhausted hun.
    Have you tried putting him in the same room as one of the older boys or putting him in a big boys bed? At least then he won't feel like he's on his own when he wakes up and goes to bed (if this is the problem) Livs shares with Charlie on the bottom bunk of bunk beds and it works really well as they can't see each other to disturb/play with each other, but they both know the other one is there and I think they both find it comforting knowing there is someone in the same room. x x x x x
  • Oh yes! We are!!! Jonathan was a great sleeper but now he is up 2/3 times a night most nights, we have been bribing him by telling him that is he sleeps all night and stays in his own room all night he can have a special sticker in the morning (as he loves stickers) this works most of the time now. I had orginally done him a chart to put the stickers on but he isnt interested at all in that lol as I say, it works most nights but not all. I know how you feel Elaine as it was so bad at one point but has improved lately with the bribary lol xx
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