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Sicky Baby

Need some advice....

Zac has always been a 'sicky' baby and, although not all the time, would often sick back some milk after a feed, we put it down to him being greedy and taking on more than he needed.... he's never been poorly with it and always seems fine in himself, never affects his weight and he has the normal amount of wet/dirty nappies etc so it isn't dehydrating him or anything. I hoped it would steady with weaning and it seemed too but just lately he seems to do it all the time! And its not just sweet milk smelling sick anymore it actually smells like sick (sorry if tmi!)...... It just isn't funny anymore.... lately I feel like I only have to pick him up and at somepoint you can guarantee he'll be sick. As i said above though he isn't unhappy or anything and is his usual self and I'm proabbly being selfish as its more of a pain than anything but I just don't know what to do.... i reluctantly give tummy time as that tends to result in sick even if a few hours after a meal.... I worry that that is stunting his ability to roll etc and eventually crawl as I don't give him the practice as much as I should....

So, do they just grow out of it? could he be allergic to something? Any pearls of wisdom would be greatfully recieved....

I'm going to post on baby too as need all advice I can get!

A baby sick smelling, Amy xxx

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  • hi hon, afraid i cant help as Braedon is the same!!! constantly having to change his clothes and mine cos everytime i pick him up, he pukes on me...thought at one point it was something personal!!! Braedon is slightly better since weaning, now just burps alot without actual sick but some days are wrse than others.
    People keep tellin me that he will grow out of it...i would appreciate any advice that anyone else has on this subject too! xxx
  • Mason is the same too girls and now I am pregnant the smell of the sick is making me heave.
    I'm just putting it down to him now being on proper lumpy food and his stomach is adjusting to it.
    Lets hope they all get some table manners soon and keep everything down!!! x x x
  • Same here although Ashton seems to be sick more in the mornings after his 8oz bottle! Thing I can't cope with is the stinky nappies, omg they are awful!!!! xxxx
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