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im so annoyed!!

i finally got a appointment after waiting 6 bloody months at the sleep clinic for summer and they say i cant take her with me and i have to get childcare every tuesday morning so i can go!

so i cant go!! all my family/friends work fulltime grrrrr!

so im back to square 1 with a toddler who cant self settle!!!

what can i do??

ive tried everything. cc. pupd, bottle in cot, soft music, light show, putting my top in with her, lying down with her, rubbing her back, everything!

im so fustrated our current routine is her not sleeping all day an then having a bottle when she is exhausted and she normally falls asleep. if she sleeps in the day they im stuck rocking a 25lb from 7pm till 9pm (agony)!

what can i do?? will she just grow out of it??


  • Hi hun, so sorry you can't make the appointment, have you rang the place and told themyou really need their help and advice but have no childcare????? Get your doctor to write to them. I really have no advice I'm afraid hun but wanted to send you big HUGS, you do a great job with Summer on your own. I hope she grows out of it gor you hun.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • hey hun

    thanks for that but they told me if i couldnt get childcare then i could not go to the appointment! so silly if u ask me, think im gonna try the doctor next week xx
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