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what toys & games are your Junies into. I feel like Tyler has to just join in with what the boys are doing and I want to do something or get something that is just for him. I try and read with him but he wont sit still and would rather try and destroy the pages :roll:

Any ideas? xxxx


  • Livvy is very much one of the girls and is happy to play dolls! She sits there with a bowl, spoon and bottle and feeds her dollys like they do. She even carrys her baby around over her shoulder bobbing it up and down and saying 'shhhuuush baby'! Its just so sweet. Shes definately not my little baby anymore image So she joins in with nearly everything the older two do apart from playdough (she eats it), sticking and gluing or colouring as she tends to draw over things or just destroy the pencils! Livvy won't sit and listen to a story yet either. She loves bricks, shape sorters and her turn and spin zebra!! Also mega blocks keep her happy for ages! She will play shops with the other two aswell. It has taken a while to get the older two to play with her all the time but they are quite good now (most of the time) They do fight over toys which drives me mad!!! Even Livvy has learnt to hold her own now when one of them takes something off her! x x x
  • J has a t set which she loves also an aquadraw mat which is great as it only uses water so no accidents.

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