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whos Junie is in a bed ?

whos Junies have moved into a bed yet and whos (like mine) still wont go through the night?

Cant believe they are 18 months already!!!

Elaine & Boys xx


  • Sorry g/c but saw it on the homepage.
    Hello Elaine - how are you and the boys?

    My dd is 19mths and is finally sleeping through -yippee!! Well she has slept through most nights for the last 5months. Why did she take so long!

    Shes in a cotbed and Im not ready to put her into a bed. Her room needs to be baby free. Its ok if Im awake but I wouldnt want her in their on her own without me knowing. Her legs can swing her to great heights!

    She used to mvoe around the cot quite a lot. But sinces its been colder she is sleeping in a sleeping bag udner a cotbed duvet (the ones that come in a set with bumper). Shes sleepign really well under it and stays in the same place - amazing! So ~i think we will see how things go in the new yr. Im not desperate to move her out of it until we know we are expecting no 2!
  • Zac is still in his cotbed and I have no plans to take the sides off just yet. He sleeps through (has since 3 months) but has been restless last couple of weeks (waking easrly and occassionally in the night - like last night), I can only think its teeth as he's also very dribbley and red cheeked. I had heard the back ones are worse?!

  • Livvy is still in her cot too!! I think it's me trying to keep her baby image The older two were in a bed at 16 and 18 months! I have put up her toddler bed nxt to her cot and tried her in it a few times but she just screamed! image I think I'll leave her where she is for now and try every so often. Her new bed is ready when she is. x x x
  • Hi hun, I have to admit I am soo lucky. Mason has been in his own bed since he was 16 months and sleeps thru. He is in the bottom bunk with his older bro on the top. I didn't really have much choice as Sienna is in her own room in her cot and also sleeps thru.
    I am so so so lucky that I have good sleepers and that Mason just seemed to be ready. To be honest we moved house and it just felt right for him to go in his own bed in his new room with his brother otherwise I probably would have let him stay in his cot til he was 13!!! x x x x
  • hi

    ethan (2nd june) is in a bed, and has been for a few months now. he shares a room with his 5yr old sister, so he just copies her!

    he has alwasy been fine in it , and sleeps really well...might have something to do with it being a racing car! it is junior size though and because its a car it has very slightly raised sides xx
  • My little one has slept throught the night since she was 6wks (june2nd) , obviously the ood night through teething etc she would wake. We moved her into a junior bed at 16 months and she is a star with it. She has her own room. We had to put her into a bed as at 16 months she climbed out of her cot and broke her arm in the fall image

  • caitlin moved into a bed last night, and 8ish i went in to put her to bed, 25 mins later i left n she slept all night till 8am when i woke her up, im so happy, was really worried bout it, next onto potty training xx
  • aaww WELL DONE CAITLIN! I have been putting Tyler in Isaacs bed for his naps coz he will be moving into a bed in that room soon and both times he has woken up screaming and sobbing!
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