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Fao - Glitterstargirl

Hi babe

Hows Sienna doing??

Hope she making progress. Shes been in my thought everyday since ur post so I would love to know how you both are!

Elaine xx

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  • Oh hun, you are being so much stronger than I could manage. Cling on to the fact that if there is an 80% chance of it not being reflux there is still a 20% chance that it is. She has fought so hard already I refuse to believe that she will stop fighting now. Sending you and all your family huge hugs, will be thinking of you.
    Kerry xx
  • I agree with bedhead - there is still that 20%. She is such a fighter and I really do have a place in my thoughts just for her. I will pray for her every night until u post on here to tell us how well shes doing.

    You seem like such a strong person. That must be where Sienna gets her fighting spirit from! Keep it up!

    If u can, keep us posted on her progress.

    All my love to u and ur family and esp Sienna.

    Elaine and boys xx
  • Just wanted to say that I am thinking of you too and sending hugs and positive thoughts your way xxx
  • really dont know what to say that can offer any kind of advice or support. i also have been thinking of you all and pop on to see if there is any updates on sienna. I dont want to pitty you guys but i really do send all my love and best wishes and i have been keeping my fingers and toes crossed. but she is such a fighter .... well girls are arent they heehee!!
    Let us know what the doctor says about the scan xxxxxx
  • poor Sienna & poor you image I agree with the others - Sienna has fought this for how long and she will continue to. Your both in my thoughts xxx
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