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tyler crawled!!

yey!! image Im so pleased coz we're down at my mums and shes misses them so much but she got to see him crawl for the first time just before she went to work so thats made it extra special!!! xx


  • well done Tyler!!!!
  • Yaye! What a clever sausage! You must be chuffed. Hope you're having a good time at your mums, love your post on Baby on that mad thread, lol. xxx
  • I think Mason and Catlin are crawling.

    I think hes trying to keep up with his brothers LOL!
  • oh wow clever tyler! and mason and caitlin too!!
    cam wont stay on his front long enough to learn to crawl. he's figured he can get about quite well by rolling!!
  • well done tyler what a clever boy, good job we have the buggies at the baby show lol, otherwise they will be off lol. Robbie wont be happy im getting him a parent and child holder so he does get lost lol, he wont be happy he he
  • lol - Isaac will be on a wristlink too LOL - he hates it though so might bring the dreaded double pushchair! xx
  • Well done Tyler! agghh will my little lump ever do anything?!xx
  • Ahhhhh Tyler you clever boy, well done, mummy will be kept on her toes now, lol!!!

    Mason still dragging himself not crawling as I got rid of our rug a few wekks ago and he finds he can slide on the wooden flooring faster than trying to crawl so Tyler please can you tell my lazy pickle how its done!!!

    Well done again.x x x
  • Well done Tyler!!!!! Ashton is nearly there but not just yet! Any advice to make him do it Tyler? xxxx
  • Well done Tyler, you can drive mommy and brothers round the bend now, having to chase you round. LOL.

    Have come to the conclusion that Zacky probably wont crawl as he has suddenly decided he wants to stand and hates tummy time (strange as he used to love it).
  • yay Tyler, clever boy
  • Well done Tyler!!!! Livs isnt there yet, I think it will be a while too, she is soooo lazy! x x x
  • Go Tyler!

    Zac is not slightly interested in crawling, rolling or anything that involves effort! lol Send some encourangement about how great it is his way please Tyler!!!

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