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Tyler has started getting really spiteful. Smacking especially to his bros and me. He also uses toys to whack us with then runs off, so he knows its wrong. I have tried naughty steps/corner but he sits there smiling. I could seriously pull my hair out with him some days! ARGH! :x


  • Oh dear, don't know what to say, did your other boys go through this? Do you know what might be triggering it? Soz have no advice just you have my sympathy. x
  • lol thanks hun. Hes not been too bad today. I have noticed he is worse on the days that he dosnt have an afternoon nap. Hes starting to drop it i think. Some days he'll have it, some days he wont but the days he dosnt have it are the spiteful days. But the days he does have it, I struggle to get him to bed. Its that annoying in-betweeny stage. *sigh*
  • ah, he'll get through it soon enough, just have to keep an eye on him. x
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