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ah my baby is growing up! She has her first day at pre-school tomorrow afternoon, she's only ever been left with my parents so am petrified and she keeps saying already she wants mummy to stay with her, I am allowed to stay but having discussed it with other parents and the carers there, it only prolongs the distress of them staying on their own for much longer.

It sounds cruel but I'm hoping there are other children crying for mummy to stay as normally when she sees other children crying she looks at them as it to say 'what the hell is wrong with you?'

Anyone else's junies started yet or starting this week?

If it goes smoothly it'd be great coz it means once my little man is here, I'll get an afternoon just with him and in the meantime a nice chilled out afternoon to prepare for him coming. x


  • Tyler starts in September. Hes used to the place because of droppin off J & now Isaac there. J was a crier for a little while & its true if you stay and cuddle and try and reassure it makes it 10x harder and longer for them to settle. It was heartbreaking and I walked out of there in floods of tears some mornings but one day they let me walk round to reception and through a door where i could spy on him and literally in 20secs he'd stopped crying and gone and picked up a book!! Its much more upsetting for us Mummy's I think. Think of what a little social butterfly she'll be! Can I ask why shes starting early hun? Good luck for this afternoon!! She may surprise you and go in no probs!! Let us know hun xx
  • Ah that was awful, she clinged on for dear life to me and daddy, eventually carer asked if it would be easier for her to just take her so we agreed and walked out as I was battling the tears, she roared and roared, seemed to go on forever coz we stayed in the room next door til she stopped and it was only 10 minutes but I have never left her to cry that long, not even with controlled crying. Anyway a nice lady came out to us and said she is settled in the book corner so we left.

    Pick her up at 4, so interested to see what she thought.

    They take them from 2 and a half here Elaine and with bubs arrival just around the corner i thought it would be good to get her settled there one afternoon a week a short time before he arrives, it's not free til she's 3 when she'll actually start at her actual school she'll eventually go to instead.

    Can't concentrate on doing anything but only an hour before I pick her up again now anyway. x
  • Ah i see, thats a good idea. Big hugs hun, It must have been so hard for you. How was she this afternoon? xx
  • Hi Elaine

    She lasted the 3 hours.

    Almost fell asleep at one point they said and asked for us once but was settled when she was told we would be back for her soon.

    She asked to do a wee on toilet, which I am so pleased about coz she is fully toilet trained now and didn't want this to set her back worrying about asking to go.

    When i picked her up though she walked out to me in her coat with her little picture she had made with her bottom lip trembling as if to say why did you leave me there mummy, but having asked her all about it she seemed to enjoy it and hasn't said she doesn't want to go back next week. Sure it won't take long. x
  • aaaawwww thats fanntastic. Well done to her for asking to use the toilet thats great. Glad she enjoyed it hun! She'll be dying to get through those doors before long im sure! xx
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