cant wait for the summer

to take nice strolls with Emily in the pushchair like when she was a newborn. Gosh that seems like so long ago now dosnt it? xx


  • Oh I know!! I can't wait to not have to layer her up, lol! And without the newborn panic of 'is she too hot, is she in the sun' etc etc as I'm sure she will let me know, ha ha! xxx
  • And me, so looking forward to nice summer walks. I've done a few winter ones but so hard to drag yourself out when it's cold!! Also looking forward to being able to do nice outdoors activities on Sundays as a family. Planning on going to the zoo as soon as it warms up a bit. Am so excited, haven't been since I was small!! x
  • I cant wait for the summer! We have a huge back garden and Emma seems facinated by it whenever we look out the window! Can wait to see her crawling around out their! x
  • I can't wait either. We did plan to gpo today but its decided to throw it down image x
  • oh i am soooo excited...bbq's, picnic's, beach fun!!! yaye!!!!!! x x x x
  • yey its gonna be great. Cant wait! xx
  • i cant wait to go out on day trips to the zoo, beach etc now that she is more aware! She was too young to appreciate that last summer image
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