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I can't change my dd's nappy! (also in baby)

Hi as I've put in the title, I'm having major issues with changing my dds nappy. She WILL NOT lie on her back so I can change it. I've tried distraction with songs/ toys etc. But she'll want the toy then will roll over & bang the toy on the mat. I've tried holding her down but she's v strong lol & will manage to roll on to her tum. I don't want to b too forceful with her as I dont want to hurt her. I've also told her off which does nothing!! She also won't stay still on her tum so I can put her nappy on backwards. Can anyone help?!!


  • I've had exactly the same problem!! Does she like her bottle/beaker? The only way I can get Sophie to keep still is to give her some juice to drink (which she loves) while I change it. I normally only just get the nappy on and she's off again though!!
  • Emily is the same!!! I do her standing up now (thats what she want to do alllllll the time) and put a pull up on!!
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