looking for everyone?

Hi girls

My baby Grace was born in June 10 and i used to come on here alot, although i didn't post that often!(I was poppy28 BE made me rejoin!) However have obviously been busy with everything and lost touch of you all. Would love to catch up and see how everyone doing now the babies are all approaching 1. If you are all on face book, I am on there too but not sure how to join a group? Maybe someone could help me out as i see a few of you are still posting on here too. Hope someone can help Thanks Poppy x


  • If you send me your name I will see if I can add you to our facebook group. I hope you are all doing well, lovely to hear from you again. I am also someone who never posted a lot!

  • hello!! xxxxxxx
  • Hello JunnieMummmy and anyone else. So how are all the bubs doing? G is doing really well, but bless her she is not in a hurry to move! She rolls everywhere but a long way of crawling. Anyone else the same? Her brother was nearly walking at her age nearly 11 months. Got to go now but hopefully be back in touch soon x
  • Hi Poppy- dont worry she'll do it in her own time. Freya only started crawing a month and a half ago and shes one on saturday!
  • im sure she'll get there hun. Has HV shown any concerns?? My Niece crawled at 13 months took a few steps at 15 months but didnt try and walk again till she was 18 months. shes 3 now and runs around like a nutter! lol xx
  • Poppy - give me your full name, or private message it to me, and I'll add you to our group on FB image

  • Thanks MummytoSamuel I have sent you a message
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