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Wind Advice needed

Occasionally James gets terrible wind, its like its so deep down I cant get it out. He screams and goes all stiff and red, pulls legs up and I spent half hour bouncing him all over the house and got out a good few burps and lots of farts! but it was still bothering him. He no longer always does a burp when he has a feed despite me trying for ages...any advice on how to get it out? I can hear him now having a disturbed sleep but I just picked him up asleep and tried to wind him again to no avail : ( xx


  • This might sound like a stupid question but how do you wind him at the moment?
    Don't want to be telling you things you already know! xx
  • Well usually I put him up high on my shoulder and rub upwards and pat his bottom up. I also hold him in the crook of my arm - like ive just lifted it up after feeding him and put my other hand on his tummy and rock him round sitting up straight. I lie him down and work his legs a little and then pick him up - its all usually worked fine but it just doesnt anymore, weird. Tonight I did everything I could think of including running up and down the stairs haha. xx
  • Might not help but we found with Freya that putting her high on our shoulder so it presses on her belly and patting and rubbing her sides rather than her back works better.
    And sitting her on my knee with her legs clamped between moine and doing the same on her sides
    Or rubbing around her belly button in a clockwise motion and moving out and back in then trying winding again.
    Sorry if you've tried all these. Hope something works soon. We have days with major wind problems so can sympathise xx
  • I have to sometimes put Sophie down with no sign of a burp. It's normally when she's dropped off while feeding and won't wake up again to wind properly. Touch wood it usually just ends up coming out the other end in the morning and doesn't seem to bother her through the night.

    You must be getting super fit running up and down stairs though, lol x
  • Thanks, I will try his sides and belly, any ideas are great! he was better today but not his normal self. x
  • We put Infacol in every bottle and that seems to make bringing up the wind easier.
    I just sit Lily on my knee and pat her back in the same spot (centre, high on the back). Usually works pretty fine... But Lily may just be a good burper.
    Hope somethings works for you soon!
  • Emily sometimes gets really deep set wind too. Usually a lil gripe water brings it up.....or down. xx
  • I have been trying infacol for two days now at every feed but its not working, maybe ill try gripe water instead x
  • We don't use it but apparently infacol takes a good few days constant use to get working. We use Dentinox colic drops for Freya since she HATES gripe water xx
  • we use dentinox too as henry hated infacol but it also took a few daysto kick in whereas the dentinox seemed to work straight away. He has been a different baby since xx
  • Well the infacol has been a few days and is not working, he had another terrible attack today screaming and screaming and eventually doing 4 huge burps : ( poor babe. I have gripe water now so will try it and see how that goes and if not try dentinox, thanks xx
  • hows it going hun xxxx
  • Not great, but I am starting to wonder if I am misunderstanding him. When it started it was definatley wind, he screamed a high pitched cry - very different to normal and pulled his legs up, I spent forever helping him and there was plenty of wind coming out. Now however he has done it a few times whilst having his feed and will stop drinking and wont take anymore however I cant get any wind out and he stops screaming and is perfectly happy when I lie him down...he also did the high pitched scream in sainsburys and then promptly fell asleep so I am wondering if he is just saying "oh my god I am suddenly completely exhausted!" hmmm, not sure! xx
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