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Sound Machines

hi girls

has anyone bought some kind of sound machine?

my darling boy almost always wakes at 5am then at 6am and it's driving me insane. i THINK it's because he wants the dummy (although he doesnt fall asleep with the dummy in) but when i've been into his room at 6 recently i have noticed that the neighbour has a shower at this time. We live in a terraced house and Jay's cot is against the wall in the nursery, on the other side of the wall is the neighbour's bathroom. So i'm wondering if the shower is waking him too.

I want to get rid of the dummy but dont think he's quite ready due to reflux and constipation - so i'm thinking of getting a sound machine to provide a constant hum or something.

Has anyone bought one of these? do they work? can you recommend a good one?



  • Dixie listens to classic FM all night - it's always on in her nursery I think it really soothes her. I also bought a homedics lullaby and light projection machine and I just use this when we travel abraod so she has some sound... I would really reccomend the classic Fm thing on DAB radio tho! just get a DAB radio off ebay X X
  • When William naps on our bed after a feed (sometimes its easier not to move him) I put classic fm on the radio and he really likes it, the presenters voices are even soothing! x
  • might try that - thanks
  • Thats interesting, I would just wonder if its a good idea getting them to sleep always to sound...what if at some point it wont work or you dont have it - will they not be able to sleep? Its like I have a winnie the pooh light show (which I love!) but I decided seeing as he falls asleep perfectly well without it I shouldnt put it on as he may rely on it. Mrs Raf I have noticed when James is stirring at 10 ish at night the neighbour has his bedroom tv on and its really loud - it is definatley disturbing James but doesnt wake him thankfully. Is your nursery dark enough because it is natural for babies to wake at dawn xx
  • yeah i do worry about that - i have that issue with the dummy at the moment

    but frankly i cant deal with the lack of sleep any more - i nearly fell asleep driving the car this afternoon! the stupid thing is that he normally doesn't have a night feed any more - so i theoretically should be getting lots of sleep but he just keeps waking up! so i'm inclined to do something for short-term relief - even if it means more of a hassle later
  • Thats so hard, what a shame about neighbours! rather than soending out on a noise machine then you could try one of those noise cd's - of white noise or waves etc they sell specially for babies - or the radio as suggested above. Shame to soend out money in case it doesnt work. How much sleep is he getting? at 3 months they say a baby should sleep 10 hours at night - also what time is bedtime? James sleeps better now I am putting him to bed half an hour earlier - he is sleeping longer than before. Good luck, hope you find something that works xx
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