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Anyone trying Gina Ford?

hi ladies

i know this is contraversial so i just want to say i'm not looking for an argument

i am just ridiculously exhausted with him feeding every 2 hours (which means by the time he's fed, burped, chnaged, settled that i only get an hours sleep at a time) and in need of some structure

so today i've started him on the Contented Little Baby routine and it seems to be going reasonably well

he woke at 6am so we had a feed then and a top up at 7.30 - then he went to sleep til the 10am feed - got sleepy bang on cue at 11.20 and asleep by 11.30. Awake just in time for 2pm feed then a bit of play time before going to sleep perfectly on time at 3.30.
the only struggle was the split feed at 5 for bath time - we normally do it at 8 or 10 and the initial feed just takes the edge off but today he was starving! gulped down his "half" feed but was still hungry and crying so i gave him some time on the breast (he's mostly bottle feeding) and he latched on straight away (that's a rarity) and guzzled
so then he was nice and settled but wasn't hungry for the post-bath part of the feed - just complained at me trying to make him breastfeed. in the end he accepted a bottle for the last half of the feed so was nicely stuffed - then went straight to sleep when i put him down at 7. he's still asleep now so hopefully will make it to 10pm

if i manage to get from 10 to 7am with only one feed in between i might have to send Gina Ford a big bunch of flowers! i'm not expecting it to happen to be honest but if i can get more than an hours sleep at a time i will be sooooo happy

so is anyone else doing Gina Ford? and if so, how is it going?


  • well he managed to sleep from 10pm to 2am then stayed awake until 3.30 (took him half an hour to settle once in his crib - think we over-stimulated him during 2am feed) and then slept 3.30am til 6am - had half his feed then slept again til 7.30 then finished his feed

    not 100% perfect but so so close!

    and i feel brilliant for having some half-decent sleep and not feeding every 2 hrs!

    so i would definitely recommend trying it Becca coz i was like you 2 days ago - exhausted
  • Really glad you found it useful Mrs Raf, If it makes your life easier then its deff worth using. Iv got the book and have read it a few times. I can see how and why it works but I just dont think its for me. Saying that I am toying with the idea of trying it just so I have a bit of structure because I can only guess when Alana next wants a feed, she can go anything between 2 and 4 hrs between her feeds and with a busy 9 yrs old who goes here and there in the evenings I can see getting him to and from his hobbies becoming more idfficult now hubby is back at work. Im going to see how she gets on over the next 2 wks and if she hasnt started sorting her self out naturally then I may give it a try. I have applied some of Ginas principles such as stmulating her more in the day time and keeping night feeds quiet and unstimulated.
    Hope it continues to go well for you X
  • I've never heard of Gina Ford before..
    But it sounds like what I'm doing anyway. :P
  • I've heard of Gina ford but never read the book, what does she tell you to do? ....I'm curious..x
  • well i am essentially just using the timings in her routines - fixed sleep / feed / bath times - in an effort to get him eating more and sleeping less during the day so that he only wakes once at night and sleeps more

    but if you follow her routines to the letter then you're supposed to put them to sleep in their cot in the dark nursery for every sleep except the 4pm nap (when it's recommended to go for a walk) and you put them in the crib in your room from 11pm to 7am
    also you're not supposed to make eye contact or talk during the evening / night feeds etc
    i prefer letting him sleep in the carrycot downstairs during the day so am just using the timings

    yesterday got messed up really badly (MIL / SIL came over and when he fell asleep an hour early they made me feel really bad about trying to wake him so i caved and let him sleep) but we still managed to get him to sleep 8pm to 11pm then until 3.30am but he wouldn't go back to sleep as he had slept loads during the day so he was awake for 2 hours!
    ah well, trying to get back on track today
  • I'm Reading Gina... Am trying to get into
    her routine-but as she goes through a growth
    spurt it all goes out the window... I do find she
    goes down at 1900-2300 most of the time..which
    gives me a chance to get bits done x
  • Ah right... Hubby goes back to work tomorrow so I would like to start getting into a loose routine and good habits...

    The only routine we have that works is bedtime... Phoebe has a bottle, pyjamas on and every other night a bath, between 7 and 8pm, she then goes to sleep in her carry cot in the lounge with us till we go to bed at 11pm, she is then changed has a bottle and sleeps through till around 2am.. But after that is a nightmare! She takes around 2 hrs to re settle after the 2am feed, I already do it in the dark and don't talk, and that doesn't seem to work, shell fall asleep on the bottle and then as soon as I put her down she is wide awake again!

    I also want to start putting her down awake to self settle, but so far having not a lot of luck with it :/
    As much as I love cuddling her to sleep it's a pain cuz she always wakes up when I put her down and we have to start all over again!!
  • i discovered something yesterday - it's less about the timings and more about making sure baby has lots to eat during the day so he's not so hungry at night

    i stopped trying to stick to the routine yesterday because it was too hot and he was v sleepy but i made sure he finished a good 4 oz at every feed (he was taking 2-3oz a couple of days ago) then he was really hungry at 11.30 and had almost 5 oz and slept through until 4.40am - woke for a feed and change then went back to sleep at 5.20 until 8.30!

    the other change i made yesterday was to put him to sleep in the carrycot in our room - instead of the crib (also in our room)
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