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shattered! any medication i can give to make her sleep?


how can she not sleep?we have been swimming for first time today(lessons all week)and she cried 25 out of 30mins down to tiredness.....she wont sleep during the day unless taken out in car/buggy/sling,but when you stop moving she wakes also to tired to use sling/buggy/car.....she has colic atm and doesnt6 settle till about 9,then sleeps till midnight,then down again till about 2,then its awake every hour.....i cannot catch up on my sleep and im shattered today........she is asleep on the boob nosw,but if i move her she will wake up,so i cant move her so i can sleep.....
years ago my son(now 12)didnt sleep well and dr prescribed phenegan for him,worked a they still do this or can anyone recommend something i can get to help her drop off?

my eyes sting so much where im so tired,i could just cry! xxx


  • can nobody help you by taking lo for a few hours so you can sleep? you can hire nanny types that come for a short time and get young babies into a routine. i dont know where to find them or how much they are (i read abut them in one of my baby books) but if you are desperate it might be worth it. have you asked you dr / hv?
  • I agree, why dont you even consider a nursery/childminder for just one afternoon hon to sleep? Its important for you to feel well. I dont know of any medication and that wont solve the longer term problem hon. I have been struggling with James, he wont nap in the day anymore, he fights sleep to the point where he screams - but he would sleep for hours on me! but then I cant sleep because I might squash him! I got a good nights sleep last night and so today have started to tackle naps, I put him up in his moses basket at 2:30 for a nap - after going up 5 times and settling him he went to sleep at 4.45! I am going to persist as he goes to sleep so well at night, I know he can do it! but you cant do anything when you are exhausted so find a way to have a break xx
  • Hey hun

    Poppy does the same thing quite often - gets stupidly tired and will sleep when I take her for a walk, but wakes up at every crossing!!

    The one trick I have found that does work for her about 90% of the time - I swaddle her, give her a dummy (nipple replacement otherwise she will only sleep on me!) and put the TV on low in the background, facing her away from it so that she can't get distracted. I had to do it today and she has slept for 3 hours so far!!

    x x x
  • Bless you hun, is she in any sort of routine? Maybe thats what she needs? Ya know a strict bath, massage, bottle, cuddles then bed and if she wakes only go up to soothe her dont talk to her etc, let her know its time to sleep.

    As for medication i dont think they will give anything.. i know a lot of parents use to give Medised to knock there children out and for that very reason they upped the age limit from 3 months to 3 years! So thats no good either.

    Hugs hun it wont last forever xx
  • My DS2 Isaac used to fight naps all the time.The thing that worked for us was white noise. try and put her near a washing machine when its on etc. It was the only thing that got him off to sleep. Does she have a dummy? *Big hugs hunnie* xxxx
  • hi elaine...i have tried this and it does work...sometimes..but then she will wake up straightaway afterwards!
    last night was unbearable and i got so cross...she slept from 8-10.45pm then up to feed then down again till 1.30am,then up again and didnt settle till 4.15am,that was in my bed...i was so tired i was crying and she was crying too,i really wanted someone to take her away last night,hubby is away and i felt so alone......she then slept till 6am...and i fed her from each boob and she manged to go till shes shattered and so am i.....she just will not self settle herself and gets so aggitated that the only thing that works is my boobs constantluy look like im a new nursing mother!!
    we have swimming again today and she was so tired yesterday she cried 25 out of the 30min lesson!awful!

    xxxx i cant go on like this ,i feel like im loosing the plot!
  • oh hunnie - can u get in touch with your HV.

    how about a warm bath with Johnsons bedtime wash? Has she got colic hun? I wish i was close to you. I would have her for a few hrs to give u a break. Do you have family close by? xxx
  • Have you thought about maybe giving one bottle of formula at 10-11pm ?? I know breast feeding is such an achievement but sometimes baby's just need that little bit more... my friend was going through what you are and she is still breastfeeding throughout the day but she gives one 7oz bottle of Aptimal at 11pm and her little girl sleeps through till 7am!! No night feeds at all and shes 9 weeks old.

    Just a thought hunni xx
  • Aw claire you poor thing. I 2nd what Elaine has said and wish I was closer for you and would deffo speak to your health visitor. Alana was like this for the first few wks and that was so hard but I gave her a dummy and im sure that helped, it didnt interfere with breast feeding or her latch as it is thought to either, she likes mothercare newborn dummy as it has a bit of a bigger teat so she can grasp it ( i read in another post from one of our junie mummies that apparently bf babies like a bigger teat as they are used to having more in their mouth)
    I also gave ds a bottle of formula for his last feed as mrsnoname suggests as this helped him sleep that bit longer at night (iv been so lucky with Alana and havent had to do this yet for her)

    Massive HUGS X X X
  • i know it's not recommended but have you considered putting her to sleep on her tummy?

    Jayden wont sleep at all on his back - will wake crying every 30mins! - and has been sleeping on his tummy (naps and nighttime) for weeks now and goes into a lovely deep sleep that i have to actually wake him up
  • Never thought about that actually Mrs Raf! My friends dd is the same and has to sleep on her tummy otherwise she just wont settle.. even in the pram she sleeps on her tummy lol xx
  • my wee man is like this too, we got no sleep until we put him on his tummy, before that he would sleep for 10 mins or so at a time xx
  • How are you feeling now hunnie? Hope things are a bit easier on you. I have been thinking about you hunnie. if you ever need to chat, hit my email button babe. Luv ya loads xxxxx
  • G/C from born in Jan to say my son was the same, the only time he'd was on me, the second I'd try to put him down, he was awake in am instant! It is tiring, I can really sympathise with you. At about 8 weeks I finally plucked up the courage to lie him on his tummy (my mum had been suggesting it's since 4 weeks) and he was like a different baby and he would sleep for hours. Also, he also suffered from colic, but at about 12 weeks the almost ritual evening crying just stopped! He's now a very, happy content baby. There is a light at the end of the tunnel!! However, in the short term, maybe if you've amy family or friends locally, see if they can baby sit for a couple of hours, just to give you a little rest. All the best Hun xxx
  • My son is exact same hes now 14month n wakes up most of the night and still has three 7oz bottles n hes up crack of dawn. He sleep with me and isnt in much of a routine. Iv been lookin for help how to get him into a routine ?? Any advise wpuld be very appreciatedimage.

    I know exacrly how you are feeling i hate getting mad when hes screaming and wont sleep but it is hard when ur tired plus im on my own.hope ur little one sleeps better for u very soon xxx
  • I knwo exactky how you feel, I’m glad your so honest as I woukdnt have said how I felt without seeing your post.

    im sat here with stinging eyes after a 12:30-3 and 6 am wake up, he’s 7 months and it seems all I have fixated on is his sleep because he hardly does, the only time he slept through was when he was having formula when I had to exculsivky pump as he woudknt latch well, so took a few weeks to get the 40 oz but that was months ago, now I’m shartered and unfriendly all the time. My elder son slept ok his stomach and slept all night from three weeks but not my last born, ive tried everything, swaddling baby canopies, i now out cerelac in his night feed but only worked a few days.

    im totally against medication but if I could find a natural sleep remedy I would definitly use it 

    I can’t go on like I am I don’t feel like myself at all and all I do is obsess over how little slee I’ve had in 7 months 😩

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