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Feeling Rubbish &Guilty

There's no need to reply just need a moan.

I've got a mega bad cold that appeared yesterday and seems to be making up for not having one since before i was pregnant!

I've tried everything i could think of last night to try and ease my sore throat so i could get some sleep and nothing worked or did anything other than making me feel sick. i've tried throat sweets/ hot honey and lemon/ cold tablets. I got 3 hours of broken sleep. So feel rubbish and shattered.

I don't want to keep picking Bella up as don't want her to get it especially as she has her 2nd lot of jab nexts week. I feel bad for her having to entertain herself on her playmat. i know it's only one day as Hubby's off work this weekend and we're off to see my dad and step mum tomorrow afternoon so they will make up for it and she won't remember it but can't help feeling really guilty.

sorry just needed to moan


  • aaahhhh hope you are feeling better soon x x x x x x
  • Have you tried taking one of those vitamin C capsules that fizzes in the water?? Berraca??? Or something that sounds like that...I always find they knock a few days off a cold!!
  • thanks i'll get hubby to get some on way home.
  • hey,

    dont feel guilty bella wont know any difference.....

    i had a cold last week and was on my own everyday (hubby worked the weekend too) and i felt soo guilty for Megan like i wasnt entertaining her enough (normally we dance about and sing songs and various things) i hadnt slept at all for about 3 nights (had really bad stomache cramps too) and felt miserable in general so couldnt face going out, my whole body ached, sore throat etc and i didnt want to pick her up as she would get my germs but obviously i had to feed her....

    i did what i could but thought how unfair for her - she was full of smiles though which made me feel better and unfortunately this week she has had the cold afterall and we've been stuck in but i've got something planned everyday next week to make up for it lol....

    i feel a bit better now but still snuffly as it takes me weeks to kick a cold but Megan is still full of smiles etc - its only one day and doesnt make you a bad mum but i know how you feel as i was in tears last week feeling guilty but it cant be helped...

    i hope you feel better soon...


    P,s If Bella does get the cold (hopefully she wont) it'll help boost her immune system and she should still get her vaccines even if she has a cold (long as she isnt running a temp)
  • Oh poor you hon, me and James had a terrible cold that lasted for almost two weeks, it is so hard when you feel rubbish and have to look after baby with next to no sleep. I made honey and lemon and also ate teaspoons of honey for my throat which seemed to soothe it. I covered myself in vicks vapour rub too so James would smell it. We both spent a lot of time on sofa relaxing. I really hope you get better soon so even if Bella gets it you will feel on top to look after her xx
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