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Just Spoke to work

I've just spoke to work about not going back after maternity leave ends and excepting Voluntary Redundancy what would you do?

They will pay double the rate set by the goverment, plus any out standing mat pay.

Basically we have no family close by that could help us out, i work 30 miles from where we live and work shifts and call outs and don't have a set time i get home, so paying for child care would be very difficult. Hubby works 20 miles from home, the best work can offer is 2 weeks on 2 weeks off.

So if i except it i would get a "normal hours Job" but don't know what i would do or work from home.


  • I am in a similar position, basically due to all the cuts I am going to be made to reapply for my job - except I never wanted to go back to it as the hours were ridiculous. Now my boss is saying there is no part time position for me so I might have to look at redundancy. The problem we will both have is that finding any job is going to be harder in this economic climate so there would be the risk of being jobless for a while? I know we can afford for me to not work in terms of living, but if we want holidays, nice things etc I have to I want to work part time. I think if your hours were that unpredictable and you would be such a distance from home then maybe consider leaving and looking for something to suit you better now. I think thats what I will end up doing xx
  • i'm air hostess so hours aren't family friendly, i.e can leave home at 3am and not get home until 7pm, if i get called out i have 90mins to get ready and to airport which can take an hour.

    i may just try and get something in one of supermarkets there are a few new tesco stores opening around here next year not ideal but at least money coming in and can be part time hours.

    The money i will get will mean i won't have to work until next summer. it's a difficult desision to make
  • reading this has made me realise that i need to get in contact with my work! I only do part time so im hoping that my manager will let me fit in working around the childcare i can arrange for the boys.
  • To be honest if going back to the same job is going to be really difficult, which it sounds like it is in terms of unpredictable hours, childcare etc, then to me redundancy sounds a much better deal than resigning, which you might find you needed to do anyway. Do you really want to go back to your job? If so I can see that it's difficult, and you obviously don't want to feel like you're being pushed out.

    If it was me I'd go for the voluntary redundancy - but then again I went back to work after ds and only lasted 4 months before I left again as I was finding beign away from him too hard, and the travelling time (an hour or more each way) felt like so much wasted time.
  • In your position i would prob take the redundancy at least your getting a reasonable payout for it rather than like sunflower says finding that you need to resign in the end and not get anything for it. I am due back early Feb but work an hour away and funny hours so really would rather go part time somewhere more local. Dunno what to do...image xx
  • I've just been made redundant too hun. Mine was a compulsory redundancy and I knew about it before we started trying for a baby. I was given a fab redundancy payout that will allow me to stay home until next summer, but they also paid me my outstanding maternity pay. Check with them to see whether this includes your holiday pay because I think they should pay you this too. You would have accrued this holiday while you were on maternity leave so it's only right that they should pay it (my work did but don't know if it's compulsory) x
  • i'm going to try and ring hr today to find out if it's the full 9 months of maternity pay they pay or just the 6 months they have to pay.
  • I would think it's the full 9 months, everyone is legally entitled to 9 months (39 weeks) paid maternity leave.
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