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Please can I stay as a June mummy? (also in DIJ)

I'm due on Wednesday, but I'm convinced I'll be giving birth in July, as this baby shows no postiive signs that it wants to exit my tummy and enter the big wide world!
All the way through my pregnancy I was absolutely convinced that I wouldn't get to my due date and that baby would make an appearance at least 2 weeks before.

I've been having lower backache, aching legs, tummy ache, more BH's, loose bowels, increased discharge and sharp stabbing pains in my lady bits and bum - but this has been going on for over 2 weeks now!! image
I was almost 3/5ths engaged at my mw appointment last week, but I've not had my show or anything!!
I'm seeing mw tomorrow and she has offered me a sweep - even if it works then I'll still be going into July!

Please can I hang around with you June mummies, as I've shared my journey with all of you and don't want to leave!!!!

Leanne (39+5) xxx


  • Awh hunny. Im not a junie mummy either. Cause caleb was born at the start of may, i do pop into may to compare milestones for babies but i belong in june, so does caleb and so do you. I really hope baby comes for you soon though xxx
  • I'd expect you too Leanne! You'll always be a Junie!!! You've still got a couple of days anyway!!! x

  • Alana was born in may too but we are not going anywhere, i wouldnt be happy anywhere else as we have all got to know each other over the past 9-10 months, i wouldnt feel comfortable posting in born in may cause i dont know the girls over there like i know everyone here
  • None of you should leave June!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    If you do i shall hunt you down and drag you back image he he

    The May & July Junies are still Junies really, they just needed a little bit less or a little bit more cooking then the rest

  • Ok, I'll stay then!YAY!!

    I have got 2 more days I suppose, and I'm meant to be having a sweep tomorrow, so we'll see what happens from there!!
  • My sweep worked, I had a sweep on the Thursday morning, had a show Friday morning and started having contractions early Saturday morning..

    Fingers crossed yours starts it off..x
  • I want to stay too!!! I'm 8 days over now and no real sign yet. I had a sweep today and am having a bloody show (I think) but no pains. I was 2cm dilated but I don't think the midwife was very optimistic that things would start. I have a date for induction but it's in July (don't want to say just yet when as we've still got to call on the day and labour might take days).x
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