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Did you get the birth you wanted?

Hi ladies,

I was just curious as to who's births went to plan and got the birth you wanted and who's didn't...

I wanted a natural birthing centre water birth with minimal intervention and got pretty much the opposite to what I wanted!

Ended up in the city hospital, had ventouse delivery, episiotomy, lots of stitches, hormone drip, a catheter! Also they tried to break my waters several times and cut my little ones head with the hook! image

I'm surprised but I actually don't care now that I have my little cupcake, they could have cut my legs off to get her out and I wouldn't have cared! I thought I'd be so disappointed by not getting the birth I wanted but you forget about all that once baby arrives...

Did you get the birth you wanted? If you didn't how did you feel about it? X


  • i didn't get the birth i wanted either.

    i wanted a natural birth with as little time in hospital as possible and skin on skin. i was 4cm before i knew i was in labour but thought i was about 1 or 2. we only went to hospital as my waters had gone.

    when i was examined they thought Isabella was breach so had to have a scan to determine if she was or not which she was i ended up with an emergency c section. it all happened very quick from arriving at hospital to her arriving was 2 hours.

    it didn't bother me to start off with as was in shock. i had the shakes that bad i couldn't hold her. the a few people made comments that upset me and still get to me now. (saying next time i should have a natural birth, like i choose for it to happen)

    i wouldn't change it though as now have my wonderful girl

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  • ILC mine went a similar way to yours

    wanted a natural birth - preferably water - with minimal intervention.

    After getting to 10cm and pushing for 2 hrs on just Gas & Air I ended up having an episiotomy, forceps delivery, spinal block and catheter

    but like you i told them to do whatever necessary to get my little boy out safely

    and ultimately the spinal block was bliss and my cut/stitches have healed nicely. poor baby was bruised v badly by the forceps but is ok now so i am just grateful he is here and healthy
  • Ditto. Mine did not go to plan.

    I wanted a simple delivery, active labour, with just gas & air.. Instead I was induced, so I had a drip in me, so couldn't really walk around much, I had my waters broken, I couldn't take the pain, so I had gas and air, this crazy injection in my butt cheek that made me really sleepy AND an epidural, I also had an episiotomy and lots of stitches. I also had to stay in hospital for a stupidly long time just because something was going on in my blood. I'm pretty mad that my labour was so hectic and that the midwives at the hospital were pretty useless, but I realise that it was all worth it just to get my little girl, and I would definitely do it all over again just to have that moment when she was handed to me.
  • Sorry to say but i got the birth i wanted, drug free and no interventions.

    I was dreading the labour and birth this time as my previous pregnancy ended in a 28hr labour and ventouse resulting in a 2/3rd degree tear.

    This time my official labour time was about 1hr 30mins!!!
    I had my 1st sweep at 38 weeks and was told was already 2-3cms with no pains at all, 48hrs passed no labour had started so had 2nd sweep and was at that stage 4-5cms!!!!

    The evening of the 2nd sweep i started getting regular but not painful tightenings, i assumed they were braxton hicks.....about 7pm the pains started so went into hosp to be put on monitor, was having regular contractions but told to go home as could be a long home around 11pm so sat in bath to ease discomfort.

    Around midnight the pains increased 100% and started contracting every 2 mins, left for hosp and arrived at 1.05am.....20mins later of pushing and at 2.07am Jacob was born with no intervention or pain relief!!!

    It just goes to show every pregnancy and labour is different, and because of this i`m already considering baby no3!! xxx
  • I pretty much got what i wanted drug and intervention free i just didnt get a water birth as there was no time but to be honest i am very happy with how it went even without the water
    sorry so many of you didnt get what you want
    leanne and phoebe 17 days x
  • I didn't but was better than i expected as i had her within 52 minutes and had about 20 puffs of the gas and air. So i can't complain.... BUT she hurt alot more than my son 7 years ago, but i think that is because it was so fast and i hardly had any pain relieve. If im honest i am still in shock at how fast it was. xx
  • No - wanted a natural with TENS and G&A and a natural stage 3 and expected to be late. Ended up with waters breaking at 38+5 and labour starting at 39+0 and getting to 9cm at home on TENS, I ended up with ventouse, spinal block and active stage 3 as he wasnt in optimal position and I couldnt push him out.

    At the end of the day you will do anything to deliver your baby safely into the world, so I dont care it wasnt my preferred delivery.
  • I didnt either.

    I wanted a drug free homebirth so I could move around as much as possible. Instead we were rushed into hospital & I was on the bed strapped to a trace so baby could be monitored constantly and I had pethadine & G&A.

    But, like others have said, you dont mind as long as bubs gets here safely xxx
  • Hi I am sorry to hear that so many of you didn't have the births you wanted.
    I am really lucky, I did have the birth I wanted although the first stage of labour at home was more painful than with my ds 2 years ago. That was because my waters hadn;t gone this time.
    I had a water birth and it was great. I didn't have any pain relief because I don't like gas and air after using it with my labour last time but in the water I didn;t need it.
    I did have a good labour with ds but I am sad now I didn;t get the water birth I wanted with him knowing what I know now.
  • nope - i really wanted to have a water birth in my local hospital. However, Lo was back to back and I didnt have a gradual build up of contractions - they started 3-5 mins apart and carried on like that for 13 hours. After 12 ish hours of being in labour and still being only 5cm I was exhausted and had a bumpy trip in an ambulance to the city hospital for an epidural to help me out. turns out the reason i wasnt progressing was because of the angle the baby was at so the contractions werent really working. when I got to the hospital I was 8cm - it then took 1 hour to get me hooked up with the epidural ( anaesetist took ages as he was showing students what to do grrrr) and just as they were about to pump the drugs I started crowning and the midwife told them to stop so managed to push out freya with just gas and air and a small cut.
  • yes i did...i had a home birth and gave birth in a birthing pool...tens machine and gas and air for first stage and nothing for second stage..i did suffer another 3rd degree tear though which took the same route as my tear with ds 12 years ago..and the ambulance turned up with blue lights to whisk me to hospital as i was losing lots of blood..once there i refused a local anaesthetic to be stitched up and requested a spinal,which was bliss,but i was so nervous i coudnt stop shaking,everyone was lovely though,but having to go to hospital did marr the experience somewhat! xx
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