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Getting rid of the dummy! (Also posted in Baby)

Today I decided to stop giving my LO her dummy because I feel like the reason she has been waking up in the night is because she wants her dummy...
It has just taken me AGES to get her to sleep for her nap (she kept crying because she was tired but she's used to having her dummy to settle her).
Does anyone have any tips that will make this easier?


  • I wish I did as we have the same problem!

    Sorry thats no help... you could try pick up put down (Baby whisperer) but it may take a few long sessions to get her to sleep and a few days till she forgets about it. Good luck and let us know how you get on
  • Thanks, Nessie.
    I think for now we're keeping the dummy for daytime naps, but definitely NOT giving it to her during the night.
  • Oh no, I have only just started giving James a dummy for his daytime naps to wean him off comfort I making a big mistake, shall I not give it to him! xx
  • It's your choice (obviously), but for my next baby we're definitely not going to give a dummy!
  • Just thought I'd update you all.
    Lily is in bed and asleep (an hour and a half past bedtime) without her dummy. We cuddled and rocked her to sleep today because obviously it's a big shock for her to not have her dummy, but tomorrow we plan to stick to our guns and just go in her room every now and then if she cries.
  • Well done! Hope the rest of the night goes well for you. Unfortunatley I dont think controlled crying will ever work with James as he gets absolutley hysterical if left to cry for a few minutes, he chokes and pours with sweat to the point I have to change him and wash his face and head! I tried it yesterday trying to get him back to taking naps without cuddling and rocking! x
  • well done - it's really tough isnt it

    Jay has his dummy for daytime naps but he will normally go to sleep fine without it at night. unfortunately the problem comes if he starts to wake up at 5am, he cant settle himself back to sleep without the dummy so i end up getting up - have absolutely no idea how to approach it

    there is a company in Surrey (where i live) called Night Nannies - they cost a fortune but they come in and teach your child how to settle themselves back to sleep. if we still have this problem when he is 6 months i may well consider paying for them
  • Well, she only woke up ONCE last night. Took 40 minutes to get her back to sleep, and she woke up the entire household, but I stuck to my guns and she went the night without her dummy!
    She also woke up half an hour early, so we got up then.
    And she's currently on her second nap of the day without her dummy!
    It's so much work at the moment, but I know it's going to get easier. image

    MrsRaf, Night Nannies sounds good! It sucks that it's expensive though. :/
  • That's fab news, she'll have soon forgot about the dummy at this rate!! I actually settled alex without one earlier which was a shock but we've not got there just yet with the tummy troubles to think about ditching it totally.

    Part of me regrets introducing the dummy, but then I get reminded just how difficult it was to stop him crying let alone get him to sleep without one (we gave it around 6 weeks) so I mustn't grumble as they have also helped us all!

    Mrs Raf dummies are great for reflux babies, helps work the loose valve and keep that nasty acid down. I'm sure jayden will ditch it when he's ready

    Can't wait to be in a position to ditch the dummy, let us know how you get on tonight - we need inspiration image
  • I don't know what to do about the dummy tomorrow, because she has her 12 weeks jabs! Eek.
    I think we'll take the dummy out with us, but I'll keep it in my bag, then if she doesn't go to sleep in her pram after the injections and is still being a grumpy, then we'll probably give it to her to settle her, then as soon as she's asleep put it back in my bag...
    Does that sound like a good idea?
  • Its a tough one!!! DD1 didn't want a dummy and dd2 did. I defo prefered "with" as it made feeding (breast) be more about food than always comfort. She stopped having it just after she was 1. It wasn't hard. I have forced Harry to have one - again because he was permanently attached to my boob!!! Much better now. Funnily enough he doesn't use it at night - yet!!! But my sis kids had their dummies taken off them when they were tiny and they started sucking their thumbs - still do now and the oldest is 8!!

    Good luck hun.x
  • Thanks. image
    My OH sucked his thumb until he was 9 apparently. :P
    I'm trying to make my LO attached to her "snuggie", so she still has something to chew/suck on and it's a comforter too. image
  • Just thought I'd do a quick update...
    Lily's bedtime is 7PM, so we've been going back and forth to her room for about 20 mins so far, and last night it was me who caved and rocked her to sleep (after an hour of crying), and tonight my OH caved after just 20 mins! He has a heart after all! :P
  • Its progress without the dummy... I cant believe it I didnt give Alex his for 2 of his 3 naps today. I figured taking it in stages and going back to rocking till drowsy is a step closer to self setllingimage Oh I do give him a comfort blanket

    Update - just checked on him and fast asleep, no dummy, no crying just comfort blanket and dreamshow imageimageimage

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  • WOO! Well done Nessie.
    Sounds like it's going brilliantly for you!

    My OH came back in the room and declared Lily "wide awake!" we then had about 5 more minutes of cries, and now she's fast asleep... WITHOUT A DUMMY!
    Feeling VERY triumphant right now.
  • William is great at going to sleep at night (usually only takes about 5-10 minutes to self-sooth with comforter blanket and music - occasionally needs dummy) and then sleeps for about 10 hours. However, during the day he is a complete nightmare and fights his sleep. Crying, wriggling, fighting when held, if left screams until sweating, red in the face and sounding very chesty. If I do manage to get him to sleep he'll only sleep for 30 minutes, so spends a lot of the day tired, and I feel he's missing out on playtime as he's either eating, sleeping or fighting the sleep.

    Does anyone have any advice?


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  • Do you put him in his cot/moses basket (whereever he sleeps at night) for daytime naps?
    If you don't, then try that, because maybe he prefers to be asleep in there?
    Try putting him down for a nap straight after his bottle/boob and read to him.
    That's all I can think of right now.
    Hope it all works out for you!

    Update on Lily... She made us pay for giving us an easy time PUTTING her to bed. I was up for THREE hours straight trying to get her back to sleep. Once she was asleep, she woke up 50 minutes later and wouldn't go to sleep unless she was with us in our bed, so she slept the last hour in our bed with us.
    Absolutely exhausted now, and she's had her jabs today, but she seems fine. Daytime naps have been a doddle, she goes to sleep after 5-10 minutes of crying.
  • He sleeps in his moses basket in the cot (in his own room) at night as slowly trying to transisition over to being in the cot as rapidly growing out of the moses basket, During the day I've been trying to get him used to the cot so been putting him down directly in the cot, but even when put him in the moses basket today he still only slept 30 minutes. x
  • Hhm, I don't know what to suggest.
    Sorry. image
  • Fruitloop, James is bad at daytime naps, he will have 4 naps now all consisting of 30 mins - unless I am out and he is in the sling when he will sleep the whole time! I persisted yesterday for an hour shusshing him and stroking his head but its such hard work I keep giving up again : ( x
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