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Teething at 15 weeks???


Freddie is nearly 15 weeks old now and i am wondering if he is starting to teeth he has a lot of the symptons but i thought that it didnt happen yet?

He has constantley got his hands in his mouth and dribbleing loads, a bit flushed in the cheeks, has nappy rash and has had looser poop than usual, has a little bit of a snuffly nose but doesnt seem like a cold as it comes and goes, generally not as happy in the day and he is waking up at night crying which he never does (even when he is hungry he just wakes and makes little chomping noises)

Do you think it could be his teeth?

I gave him a bit of teething gel and he did calm a bit

He has just woke up and broke his heart little love, so i have just sat here and had a cry myself because i cant stand seeing him so upset.


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  • G/C sorry, but saw on homepage!

    ds1 (3 in Nov) teethed on and off from 12 weeks and had all the symptoms you describe. He got a tooth at 9m!!

    However Ds2 didn't teeth and his 1st 2 teeth popped up at 18w!

    So your lo could be teething. Plenty of cuddles, calpol, teething gel and a magic liqud called anbesol will help.

    Good luck

  • Hiya hunni
    I think alot of the Junies are teething at the moment. Alot of us are having the same problems, it's heart breaking not knowing what to do to help.
    Maybe try teething powders and when he gets really upset a little calpol to sooth the pain and calm him down?
    Hope he feels better soon xx
  • Sophie seems to be going through the same thing hun. It's just heartbreaking not being able to do anything. How did you manage to get the tething gel onto his gums? I bought some today and the second I put my finger into her mouth she's licked it off. I didn't like to try again as didn't want to give her too much. She went to sleep not long afetr so haven't had the chance to try again x
  • I just sort of rubbed it around them, he did try to eat it though, must taste nice!

    Had an awful night with Freddie, ended up phoning the emergancy docs, he woke up sobbing and so bunged up and snotty, all his eyes were puffy and gacky too, so phoned them up at 4am, they said a doc would phone me back and they have just called half an hour ago and i bloody missed it, had to call them back and they were so snooty, still waiting for another call, want to get him seen by a doc jic because over night he has got so much worse and he does sound a bit chesty now.

  • Erin is teething really bad and has been for a good 4-5 weeks. She is 15 weeks old tomorrow. I can see 2 teeth so far coming through and i think they will be here sooner rather than later. She is in agony bless her. Definatley sounds like he is teething. xx
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