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Putting baby to sleep upstairs at bed time

Hi Ladies,

Just wondering what you all do come bed time, I have a Moses basket downstairs and a crib in our room, at the moment Freddie is in the Moses basket for his daytime naps and after his bath i close the curtains in the living room, so he knows its a different kind of sleep and he sleeps in his moses basket, then i take him up to bed at ten when i go and give him a dream-feed upstairs before putting him back down, he then feeds around 2 then around half 4/5

I don't think he would wake for that ten o clock feed if i wasn't taking him up to bed then and would prefer to feed him at 11 so his next feed would hopefully be at three and his next one would be more like 6 which i don't mind getting up with him at,

I thought that if i put him top bed upstairs rather than downstairs this might work but not sure if i am ready to do this yet or if he is still too little, just wondered what everyone else does at bedtime and with night feeds?

Hayley & Freddie 5weeks & 5 days



  • We put Jennifer to bed in her cot on an evening.
  • We had Phoebe down with us in her moses basket until we went to bed at 11 for the first 2 weeks until my hubby went back to work, then i started with a routine, it's my personal opinion that a baby is never too young for a loose routine ( i know others wont agree) and that the earlier you start the quicker she learns and settles into the routine, i think it would be far harder to try and introduce one later...
    At 2 weeks old i started bathing her at 6.30pm, dressing her for bed, taking her upstairs and giving her her bottle, and had her in bed for around 7.15pm... for the first week or so it was a nightmare, she took around 2-3hrs to go to sleep!!! she would settle, close her eyes for 5 mins, then wake up and scream, so i would shuush her, put her dummy back in etc... this would go on for a couple of hrs, i'd be up and down the stairs every 2 minutes!!! but i persevered! and i am soooo glad i did! she has learned that being in her crib upstairs means she might cry for a minute or two but i give her her dummy, turn her musical bear on which plays for 10 minutes then turns itself off and she shuts her eyes and is out like a light.. no fuss at all, it's LOVELY! it means me and hubby have from 7ish till we go to bed so spend some time together, get the housework done or just chill, she doesnt wake up for first feed till between 11.30 and 1am, im hoping as she gets older this feed will move to later...

    the only advice i have is if you decided to put him upstairs, stick with it, however hard it seems at first, i went through a week of hell, but it was soooo worth it! bedtime is so easy now..x
  • I ahve to agree with ILC i think babies need some type of routine even if its a bedtime time one that can be stuck too loosley. I also think this is imposrtant for a marriage too!!! Hubby is back to work tomorrow so i will be starting a similar bath/bed routine as ILC.
  • Jayden has all his daytime naps downstairs with me and then goes to sleep in his nursery at 7pm after his bath and feed. I move him to our room after his 10 / 11pm feed then just go up to bed when i'm ready and hope he doesn't wake up

    we have only been doing this for a few days - previously i was bringing him downstairs at 7pm but he would wake up multiple times before we went to bed and would always sleep v v lightly. aside from making him over-tired it would also mean we didn't get any time to ourselves and would be creeping around the living room with the tv turned so low we had to have subtitles on, all to avoid waking him. Makes sense when they are tiny but he is 6 weeks in an hour's time so time to be more sensible
  • Thanks for the replies, and advice,

    Have decide to start tonight so wish me luck, he has had a couple of naps upstairs in the day whilst i have the monitor downstairs, just to get us used to it (me rather than him i think) going to bath him a bit earlier so have extra time if he wont settle off and hopefully asleep for 7, wish me luck.xx
  • We have a moses basket that Samuel sleeps in during the day and at night. He has a cot in his nursery, but we don't plan to use that until he's a bit older.
    At the moment he sleeps downstairs in the daytime in the moses basket. He has all of his feeds downstairs, and had his night time feed downstairs. We then take him up in the moses basket to our bedroom when we go to bed, around 11. He then has his late night/early morning feeds upstairs.
    We do need to get some sort of routine in place - he's 2 weeks and 3 days at the moment, so will probably get something more routiney in place soon.
  • i also believe in a routine but my personal opinion (as a mummy and health professional too) is that under 8 weeks is too young,...

    i have gone completely baby led and im lucky that megan has settled into a routine herself...she naps in the moses basket during the day and we carry that upstairs at night - she usually feeds between 11 and midnight and sleeps through til 6ish (last night though she went down at 11.30 and slept til 6.30 which was nice) we carry the moses basket upstairs at night and do the midnight feed there with dimmed lights so she knows the difference between night and day...

    we have a crib in our room and planned to start putting her down in there after her feed about 7pm but i was still too uncomfortable getting in and out of our bed last week so didnt but the plan is for this weekend to try it...she was 5 weeks old yesterday...when she is used to sleeping in the crib at night (which seems giant compared to moses basket) i will then start to put her down in the crib during the day to nap...

    we bath megan about 6.30 when hubby in from work then its a baby grown on , story, feed, down in moses basket (which will change to crib) then thats her til she wakes at 11.30ish...i am hoping as she gets older that the feed will be about 10ish and then she can go down for the night and hopefully still go through til 6ish when i get up with her as hubby just gets up for work to - in another few weeks i may start a bath at 9m rather than 6pm although thats quite late but so its still bath, bottle, bed routine...

    she feeds 3 hourly-4 hourly during the day depending on what we are doing but its roughly at the same times each day and she has done all of this 'routine' on her own which in my opinion (i know others will disgaree) all babies will do at some stage when they are ready...she also doesnt nap as much during the day now but we just have lots of play time and try to get out and about as much as possible (she tends to sleep in pram or car seat)

    sorry im waffling here...sounds like a good plan you had - how did it go?

  • caleb sleeps in his swing or donught during the day (he hates his moses basket) and his crib at night. we have an angelcare matt and monitors which makes it so much easier to put him upstairs at night. good luck xx
  • i have a 4 week old baby that wont settle in the bedroom he will be up every couple of hours but wen i take him dwnstairs he will settle better and sleep better how can i get him to settle upstairs

  • i have a 22 month old lb that wont sleep upstairs in his bed. i need help, im shattered, he will fall asleep in his travel cot in the lounge but as soon as u put him upstairs in his bed he wakes up, so any advice would be appreciated please

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