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this time last year...

.... our babies were becoming tiny lil beans.

I think I concieved around the 18th Sept

I cant believe how fast this last year has gone!



  • I know image what I wouldn't do to be back in the Maldives right now!

    Since I was using ov sticks I know my little eggy was released on the 28th sept...
  • i know i was going to do a similar post as i got my af on 12th september and despite using ov sticks all months (due to my dodgy afs following mmc) i didnt get a smiley face and then i got my very surprising bfp on 8th october - i based my due date on a 4 week cycle and edd of 19th june - dating scan moved me to 12th and she came on the 17th lol....

    my bean i lost was due round on the 17th october (give or take) and i think they are like a little guardian angel for Megan - its scary how much can change in a year though! Its my birthday next week and i cant wait to celebrate my first as a mummy altgough we wont be goign away anyehere or out for dinner like normal - it will be a baby fun packed day instead! image x
  • We concieved on our wedding night - 3rd October can't believe we've been married a year next sunday. Special times!!! XX
  • I can't believe it's been a year either. This time last year I was gutted as I'd just been told by a fertility consultant that I wasn't ovulating then a couple of days later I found out I was pg!

    It's my birthday soon too on the 4th October, I've barely thought about it this year, too busy thinking about my little girl xx
  • our sonographer said we concieved on sept 15th......hubby texted me the other day saying 'happy conception day' xxx
  • i conceived on about the 8th Sept and found out i was pregnant on the 20th.. seems like two minutes ago!..x
  • We conceived about the 14th/15th Sept and found out on the 25th Sept, 5 days early hehe image
  • Aw, it's amazing how much has changed in a year!! I could never have imagined my life now this time last year but now I can't remember my life before my lo!! We conceived on a romantic break in Scotland on the 29th Sept x
  • I conceived in the second week of our honeymoon, so at the very beginning of October. I found out I was pregnant on 2nd November, had my first scan on 16th December, which was when we announced the good news.
    I can't believe it's a year ago!!! This time last year I was on honeymoon in Cape Verde & this year I am sat watching my gorgeous baby boy asleep in his bouncy chair image xxx
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