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adding baby rice to milk? (also in baby)

I'm just looking for some advice. Harry is 11 weeks old and still waking for a feed or two feeds in the night (i know this isnt unusual) but as i do the night feeds i am desperate to get him to go through. Both my mum and MIL have said me and DH had baby rice mixed with our milk from 10 weeks which was what made us go through the night.... it doesnt seem to have done us any harm?
Harry has 4-6oz feed every 4 hours day and night but very rarely drains a bottle.
i am just after advice / experiences... has anyone else added baby rice to milk at this age? did it work? is there a reason why you shouldnt do it?
Thanks in advance.


  • we added a couple of teaspoons of rice to help dylan with his reflux, but after one bottle you could tell he had a bad tummy and he woke up even more! So we are not going to try it again until he is alot older. He is still waking up a couple of times a night and like you i do the feeds image. I think they say to wait until they are 4-6 months to give them rice because, any earlier it can trigger allergys x
  • hey,

    yeah the reasons why it isnt recommeded is because there is more research done on allergies and early weaning can be a cause,..the gut and digestive system arent developed enough yet to tolerate baby rice. Grannies are always saying that 'it didnt do us any harm' but they didnt know any better then as the research wasnt done that exists today. As they cant digest it properly so early it can give them a sore tummy (like Dylan got) and also constipation....weaning guidelines used to br 4 months but now 6 months however many people do still wean really shouldnt be done at all before 17 weeks minimum!

    Also regardless of what age you wean at nothing should go in the bottle as there is a choking hazzard and at his age he will have a tounge thrust reflex and shouldnt be able to take it from a spoon...people do do it though and will no doubt day their babies are fine - at the end of the day Harry is your baby and you have to do what you think is best for him but wakening up during the night still as you said is still fairly usual in alot of babies (4 hourly is also normal) although its hard and tough on you i think if you can you should really persevere with it and hold off rather than introduce the baby rice for selfish (cant think of a word that doesnt sound as cheeky sorry cause im not trying to be) reasons as not all babies sleep through even at the age of one.

    Have you tried hungry baby? Its not really recommended either but is much better than weaning at this age.

    Good Luck


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  • Thanks ladies, i have decided not to do it, as your right lauz i'd be doing it for my benefit and not harry's. I dont really mind getting up with him i'm just particularly tired today and not thinking straight x
  • ILC Im sending ***big hugs*** your way. I dont think there is anything we can really 'do' to make our babies go through the night. Emily has gone through some nights but other nights she can be up a few times. They do it when they are ready. My DS1 has slept through every night since he was 8 wks old (bar illness/bad dreams) and he is now coming up to 5 but my DS3 still gets into my bed every nigh t and he is 2yrs! (Ok so there is things that I could and probably should do to stop that) 11 weeks is still very young hun. xxxxxxxx
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